Visiting With The Neighbors

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Blogging 101:  Say Hello To the Neighbors

Today’s assignment: Follow five new topics in the Reader, and five new blogs.

It’s purpose is to get me familiar with searching out interesting topics and seeing what others are writing about, learning how to appropriately ‘tag’ my own posts. Using the Reader will also keep my site from becoming a very public form of navel gazing.

I haven’t spent any time at all in The Reader, so I dived in. I went with the broad topic of Moving, relevant to me because when my house sells, I am moving. Found myself astonished at the number of people moving and finding the time to simultaneously write about it.

At some point I realized The Reader had me traveling far and wide and I needed to take a step back. Five topics! Sailing, Italy, Arizona, Meditation, Moving. This Reader is a megametropolis (new word), and I needed to get back to my smaller new neighborhood before venturing much further.

I enjoyed spending time with all of my neighbors because they are interesting, witty, we share interests or they offer something entirely new to me. The quality of the writing inspires me, and the variety surprises. But today I looked specifically for top notch components and tools within the neighbors home sites that could work with the construction of my own. It was also the day when I spoke up and had some comments for my neighbors. Here are a just few of my  neighbors I dropped in on.
Within articles are links that go deeper into the subject if the reader wants more.
At the end of the article an invitation to contribute a passage important to the reader on a topic was included.

This site is donation based, with a free option. The quality and depth of content is obviously a full time, long term effort. A different level and type of

With few words, a solid real life storyline to follow about change, and exceptional photos and captions that are integrated into each post..I just had to hit the follow button because I want to know what happens next.

Themed Series. His is called History of Jacke in 100 Objects.

Obviously having way too much fun.

Locates details of common human experience and riffs on them.

Asks the reader questions.

There is so much that can be learned from the neighbors!

I didn’t even talk about the interesting content of their sites. I encourage everyone reading this to drop in and spend some time with them yourselves. They are an interesting group with a variety of engaging content.

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