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Blogging 101: Write Your Dream Reader

Today’s Assignment: Publish a post for my dream reader, and include a new element in it.
Today’s assignment is to get my thoughts more focused on who my target audience is. In adding a new element I also hopefully get some more skill sets into my website toolbox. I am going to attempt to insert several photos from a site I enjoy, and provide links so you can visit it if you are interested.
I am also responding to this assignment in playful fantasy mode as the operative word in the assignment is, after all. DREAM!

This Assignment Post takes place in 2035 and is a farewell post to my beloved book editor, and my 370,541 loyal followers.

My relationship with my agent began two years into the creation of JoHannaMassey.com . A savvy youngster who while scanning through WordPress blogs for prospective clients realized that what readers were looking for was that sentence, phrase, expressed emotion, success or failure recounted, challenges met, rollicky good adventurers that expressed well would offer just the needed right words for a reader. That these were often found in short stories. The stories she found on JoHannaMassey.com celebrated our messy lives as humans. Besides that, this old woman had a loyal global following that continued to grow slowly and steadily. With some clean up and editing, she saw success.
My relationship with my readers began in 2015, and grew slow, steady, and loyal. Once the first small collection of my stories was out in print the numbers grew much faster. The readers were so diverse, arriving to the site from every corner, age group, interest, and background. So diverse that numerous demographic studies done over the last twenty years could find no concrete marketing category for the stories. The readers shared their own stories on the site, commented with acumen and wisdom. Soon my agent had signed on as clients many of the readers of JoHannaMassey.com and soon a publishing empire was created.


The Post: January 1, 2035

This is the final post. You my dear agent, and loyal readers have taught me so very much. I am so filled with gratitude, and my life has been so incredible for having you share yours with me. Many of you are now my friends, many of you have purchased my books, and many of you have inspired me to keep on telling stories.
But as you can see from the photos below, it is time for me to say goodbye. The stories have been told. Thank you so very much. Remember to keep your heart, mind, emotions, body, and spirit moving in the same direction.


I was once a poet, old typewriter found at abandoned manor house




7 thoughts on “DREAM READER

  1. This is so creative! I don’t know why, but reading this sent chills down my spine when I saw the picture of the old typewriter. It resonated a lot with me somehow. And I am barely an adult (I am not even 21 yet).

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    1. I’m old as dirt..and I can actually remember typing on a typewriter just like that. The ‘J” and “T” keys worn completely off, and the space-bar skipping as many spaces as it chose.
      So glad you enjoyed that post.


  2. That second picture – wow. I immediately saw myself stepping delicately into the space to examine the books, the wood, everything. Then I could smell the Murphy’s as I lovingly wiped down those cabinets. Whenever you leave your dream space I know where you can find a buyer.

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  3. After scrolling through loads of blogging 101 posts much like reading through essays, I came across this one and instantly thought “why didn’t I think of this?!” this is some pretty clever genius 🙂 No pressure, but now I’m definitely intrigued and can’t wait to see what comes out in the future. Or is the past now?


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