Week 2: All About Being Irresistable

Blogging 101: Week 2
Today’s Assignment : Make Your “About” Page Irresistible

Greetings everyone. Today I am to create and publish my About Page.
and adapt it for a widget on my home page. Suppose to keep me publishing and personalizing the site.

This assignment is suppose to make you, the reader, so curious about the website content I will be producing as to have you never consider not checking in at JoHannaMassey.com.

I genuinely liked my already About page. It was brief, just a few words and in my mind said it all.

So I used this assignment to get comfortable with incorporating my own photos from some of my favorite places on the planet. Just enough to give you a quick visual taste  of why ‘I tramp a perpetual journey’ by Walt Whitman was chosen for my tag line. Hope you enjoy them.

Thank you for showing up.

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