Blogging 101: Rip Van Winkle Out Socializing

Blogging 101: Be A Good Neighbor

Today’s assignment: leave comments on at least four blogs that you’ve never commented on before.
The purpose of this is to actively participate in the community.

I decided to drop in on some folks I am following, and some folks who are following me.

First stop: I was just delighted with a post that combined an account of reading the Miniaturist by Jesse Burton and being inspired to take  a trip to a local miniature shop.
Next I stopped in to see how Roz was doing down on the farm and she has changed her theme again! No matter what theme she is using…I enjoy stopping in to look at the photos of the farm animals and many projects going on at her eclectic farm.

Over at people are dropping dead, birthdays are being celebrated, and trips to Rome anticipated.

Next stop was where there is a great tip about on links…something currently on the minds of most of us Blog101 participants. I tucked the tip away hoping to use it once I get the hang of basic linking.

John Lennon’s early life and of course the music  is the topic over at An excellent post about John Lennon and Jacke  calls for us all to embrace our inner Beatle and step out into our creativity.

The news coming from A Year of Reading the World  that she received the hard copy UK edition of her book in the mail. This book originated as a blog folks, so if you are looking for a bigger picture story or possibility , this is one!

Jeffrey Brian Frey (moniker sony knight)  writes so lovingly about his relationship with his granddaughter. I could not help but consider that many years from now, she will be able to call up this blog and read how her Grandpa loved her. How cool is that!

I close with Kim . She wrote a great post about Silence Being Easy, and the issue of self censorship. For anyone just starting a blog …this is a great read and encouragement to use your voice.

Now hopefully, I have mastered the linking and you can stop in and visit if something caught your interest.  I played hooky from class yesterday and have enjoyed catching up with this assignment. I continue to be so impressed and full of respect for the high quality of the sites I have found, and the folks who have found me. It’s a virtual treasure chest.

6 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Rip Van Winkle Out Socializing

  1. Thank you for the mention, Johanna. I’ve already noticed a visitor from my blog to yours, which is great! It’s really great to know that my blog posts aren’t just shouting into a cave but actually reaching real people. I’m off to return the compliment by visiting the other blogs you mention here.


  2. Hello Johanna, I’m really touched that you have mentioned my post here. Now motivated even more to write regularly (that is always a struggle), I have many ideas for posts, but often get distracted. But most importantly thank you for sharing other blogs you found interesting and inspiring. I have just read Kim’s piece on Silence Being Easy and feel that it is speaking exactly about me.
    Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts.


    1. Thank you for your kind words. I am certain that if we continue to reach out to others, remain curious and attentive about the planet , and continue showing up and posting our findings on our sites…..well within a year we will be laughing at ourselves for having ever been silent!


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