Blogging 101: Rip Van Winkle’s Neighbor Strikes A Nerve

Blogging 101: Be Inspired by the Neighbors

Today’s Task: Write a post that builds on one of the comments I left on other sites yesterday. Then link it to the other blog.

The purpose of this is to further reinforce the importance of community within our blogospere, that you dear readers of my site, are often the writers of amazing content of your own, content that inspires me…strikes a nerve…says our lesson for today.

Well I ‘got my nerve struck’ yesterday by Thoughts On A Hot Tin Roof

I was struck by how candid his blog is, and how he just spoke volumes of the positive valuable role of parents in adult children’s lives, and of grandparent’s in children’s lives. Not in some clinical piece full of studies and statistics, advice and recommendations  but by speaking with clarity of what was happening in his life, and his response to it.  A very personal voice about how real life unfolds.

Now back to that ‘nerve’ of mine. I am in a real wrestling match right now with myself between the differences of ‘personalizing‘ my site….. and ‘personal self disclosure’ on my site. Creating this site has been a huge step for me.  I think it reflects who I am. And in the creation and hitting PUBLISH , a huge Self Disclosure for me.

ANd while I am clear about what I want my site to evolve into ..a site of Stories. I have been graced with walking this planet for many years full of adventure, a family full of drama, much traveling, a human life and all the falling down and climbing high changes a human life entails. And the big picture  perspective that comes from living to tell the tale. So as I do the lessons for Blogging 101, I also have been working on a story that I will be including as content to the site. A story I am pulling out of marrow. Writing it as I recall it happened, writing it as fiction changing all the names and places, who narrates, then a bigger fiction version spinning off into clear fantasy, and right now writing it in that genre of ‘fictional memoir’ that I have read is so popular now. Working to find my narrative voice for not just this story, but how I will be presenting the story Posts to the site in the long term. A voice waking up from a Rip Van Winkle period of sleeping.

Thoughts On A Hot Tin Roof  helping me in sorting this out. Thank!

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