Blogging 101: Rip Van Winkle Claims Blogroll Variety Is The Spice Of LIfe

Blogging 101: Build A Better Blogroll

Today’s Assignment: Share a few links I love.

If we are in fact a ‘community’ then it is made up of many different voices. So I went for a variety is the spice of life  theme today.  It helps me not to be an old women with a narrowing point of view, and practice my linking.

For you, dear reader:  You just might find a something so irresistible that you will be glad I spoke up about them, show up at their website and choose to follow them.

Losing Screw (Crazy Adventures in DIY and Life)  has been nominated for the  Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.  This is the first time I have heard of it, but I am very new to blogging. Roni is fairly sizzling with excitement over this. She writes on a large variety of topics, and it is easy to see why she is collecting awards…that is right, the Sisterhood Award is not her first. The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award sounds like a fun group to be invited to join, all about interacting, communication, and linking with other bloggers. So I thought it timely to include Roni in today’s assignment. Congratulations!

This past weekend I posted several of my favorite poems.
Wine and Tobacco ‘liked’ one. I ventured over for a visit to the site and found some excellent poetry posted by a 25 year old English Major graduate from Manchester UK. The poems he writes will sit you vividly into where they take place. If you are young, you will know he was at that party you attended Saturday night.  If you are old you will smile, well maybe you will smile but you definitely will react),  with the remembering of those days, and have shiny bright facets of the details there to assist you in your reminiscing.  I really like this brash young man’s poems.

Over at Roses and Whimsey there are more awards! Avery was awarded the Versatile Blogger Award!  This is what Avery says about her blog and her award:

“Almost a month to the date and just the acknowledgement from my fellow bloggers, writers, people of passion, has meant more than I can ever begin to describe. This blog saved my life quite literally. Joining a community and reading the thoughts of others, commenting, discussing with and hearing from others has helped me find the light at the end of a long tunnel. I wake up excited about each day now, and I take my blog as seriously as I would a day job, pouring hours into it, and nurturing all the ideas that pop into my head.”

That’s the impact  of community that can happen here at WordPress!

At Faraday’s Candle  two grade school girls write about whatever catches their curiosity about science and the planet, learn about it, and post about it on their very well done website. Before you think you can’t learn anything from two kids, you need to go check it out. They have intelligent fresh eyes and great research skills.

At Simply Sophisticated Cooking Heidi has figured out how to stand out among cooking sites with beautiful, but doable ideas and cooking. I recently took my Blogging 101 interacting with fellow bloggers to a new different  level when I did Heidi’s January 7 post on Back to Basics: Stock
down to my kitchen and made it. I had forgotten how valuable and versatile having stock on hand in the kitchen can be.

And last, I went to Freshly Pressed, because I have not gone there yet. I chose something to round out today’s variety theme and it was a site on entertainment, with many movie reviews called  Relatively Entertaining.  This site  does more than watch!  Knows about the actors, the plots, the origins of the stories, and points of view of characters. etc. Doesn’t hold back when being critical, but has a basis and explanation for the opinion.  It will help in choosing and watching movies.  Has over a thousand followers. People are paying attention!

That’s where I have been this morning. I continue to be grateful for the support I am receiving. Today I am going to figure out this thing called PINGS!