Blogging 10: Rip Van Winkle Goes To The Dogs

Blogging 101: Content Loves Design

Today’s Assignment: Open the Customizer  and try out some new fonts and colors (and backgrounds and/or headers.)

This assignment is to further familiarize me with the variety of things the Dashboard can do to beautify and make the best possible site. I like most of what I have chose and am sticking with it.

I admit it. I have not until today hit the “toolbar toggle.” I played around with it some, but what I really got fixated on was creating a new menu for my Photos, up on the Header, and I inserted some photos of Satchel the Wonder Dog, titled the same, and ‘nested’ under the parent key to start what I hope to be an expansive photo library.I am disappointed  I can not include, and I am certain you are too,  some of my favorite videos of The Wonder Dog, the ‘Digging To China’  and ‘The Smell of Ruins’  comes to mind, but alas I promised myself I would not purchase the Premium Package of WordPress until I had a year in of blogging or One Hundred enthusiastic Followers! So currently it is just photos.

I also got my sidebar photo linked to my Menu About page this week, and am wondering why this was so hard for me to do initially!  The learning curve continues.

Thanks to everyone who has showed up, all of the positive feedback I have gotten, and as I show up at the sites of others I continue to be just so excited about the quality and variety of what you all are creating. Have a great weekend everyone, see you next week at Blogging 101.

2 thoughts on “Blogging 10: Rip Van Winkle Goes To The Dogs

  1. Oh Roz…as you were the very first person to show up at my website, your words of praise lighten my heart. Thank you so very much. Indeed, creating this website has been very time consuming, but I am having some fun with it and really having time to get clear about what it can be, what mechanisms in the background are vital to really know how to smoothly construct to make a mere click of a mouse flow smoothly. Born in the day of manual typewriters, this very often feels like magic to me. Have always loved this new technology. My very best to you and Bill…I like your inclusion of him on the site…and may you have a sunny day on the farm.


  2. Hi JoHanna, your blog is really impressive now, you are so well travelled and I love all the photos. This course is so time consuming and at some post I must try to read and dig deeper into all the blogs I am following. Safe journeying Roz Hill💚🇬🇧

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