Postcard Sunday

Blogging 101: Can you believe it! Our last Day!! We are to Create a New Posting Feature.
Because it is all about creating community! Here is what I created!

Postcard Sunday
Postcard Sunday is a space and time set aside to include your favorite postcard from the past, present or a place you hope to visit in your future.

You will find in in the located in the Header of in a drop down under Photos.

It could be a favorite postcard from a friend or loved one you received whose arrival  brightened your day at just the right moment in time.
Whether vintage or modern, homemade or store bought, all are welcome. We are a worldwide group of bloggers. Postcard Sunday can be a visual of our connection.
I ask that you encourage others to contribute, contribute as many times as you wish with as many cards as you wish, And make sure you link back to your own site! It will be fun to see where everyone is from, been, or wants to go!
I will begin with:
My sister, JoAnn,  and I at the Grand Canyon Arizona USA