Sunday Blog Visits

Went visiting this morning to some of the sites I follow.  Lots of interesting things going on in our global community of bloggers, and I like to get out and about to see what others are up to. Thought I would share my travels with you and encourage you to visit these fellow bloggers too!

First stop was Welcome To The Music Club where I caught a great video of the Beatles performing “Day Tripper” at their Slipknot Concert in Budapest Hungary. Had not heard that song in many years, and am always surprised that I still know all the lyrics to so many songs!

At Aging Gracefully My Ass is a lively accounting by the daughter in law of an aging mother in law /outlaw who has taken off across the Atlantic  to visit Rome alone in response to having not been invited on son and daughter in laws recent vacation.

Sue, at Cotswoldviews created a personalized snow photo for a mysterious follower from the Middle East known as Annie who has never seen snow. Sue takes really good  photos of her environs. Puts you right in the midst of her village.

Roni at Losing Screws does a feature called Other People’s Projects on Fridays and posted her friend and fellow new blogger Kerry’s Spa in a Jar gift project. A completely doable and useful gift to anyone who needs to put together a quick but elegant gift or wants to pamper themselves. Great in your supporting your fellow bloggers Roni!

Kim at Spiral Spun has garnered the Liebster Award, so if you want to know more about her, she has answered some interesting questions about herself associated with receiving the Award. And make a point to visit the Nature Journal  segments of Kim’s  site which is inspiring, offers some great reading suggestions, and really shines bright Kim’s writing talents.

Robert at O at the Edges muses very gently about whatever catches his attention. It is a very restful site, but busy with 7,593 reported followers. After reading Nocturne (Blue Grosbeak) make that 7,594.

Show up at  50 Shades of Reality  and have your moral compass shaken awake and realigned. There is a very challenging article about human trafficking that is kind of a must read for both men and women. The gal writing this blog wants to be a solicitor.

The Science girls at Faradays Candle have written a very good article about Celiac Disease.  Taking a complicated issue and making understanding it very simple. If your stomach is in an uproar, you might want to read this smart article.

These are just a sampling of the high caliber blogging going one all around us. Checking in and catching up with fellow bloggers can only inspire us to do better ourselves!

Have a great Sunday!






  1. Oh, thank you so very much. I’ve made a conscious decision to really embrace, explore, and support this idea of the WordPress Community and see how it unfolds. It is also so much fun to get out and see what others are doing.

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  2. Good to hear from you. We probably follow similar sites because we have similar interests. There is so much good material out there! I’m going to do another walk about this Sunday to sites and I will suggest some others I think you may enjoy then.

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  3. Thank you so much for the kind words! Some interesting and well-written reads there – especially ’50 shades of reality’. I am a bit behind on posting as we have had a lot of illness in the house (nothing serious), but I like this idea for a post on inspiring blogs – I might have to steal it 😉

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