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So I was out and about early today doing my  Sunday Blog Visits. I encourage you to stop by and visit these folks  yourself and if you do drop in let them know I gave you directions.

On  Freshly Pressed I discovered Longreads, founded by Mark Armstrong. What caught my eye was the tribute article to the journalist David Carr , who passed this week. David Carr has been one of my favorites for years because of his bold unapologetic lifestyle and writing. All week the media has been speaking of the loss of David Carr. This article in Longreads is the best and truly most representative of who David Carr was and if you are looking for some inspiration about speaking your truth, read this excellent compilation about who David Carr was and what he said and did while he was here.

The official site for IMPREINT, an artist who promotes social issues with edgy challenges to  indifference kind of projects, is currently focused on homelessness. A simple cardboard sign that declares an individual wants to eat in a fine restaurant is placed in various places, waiting for response by pedestrians. Raising awareness on homelessness. It will be interesting to see where this site and the artist goes with it,  what happens next, and if it will have an impact.
MIndlessfloyd is anything but mindless. Claiming intentions to be a travel log, it actually is in an unconventional sense. The mind and heart can certainly wander far at Mindlessfloyd. Some beguiling graceful poetry waits for you there. The piece I found most intriguing , and appropriate since we just celebrated St Valentines Day is the essay called “ This One Is For You.” It is about the coming together of people with those of like mind and heart, who you choose to spend your time with, and the authors thoughts on what the term guru is. Free flowing mind at work here on this site.


You can find an eclectic mix of always positive themed articles at                 The Daily Inspiration Blog.  Everything from                                                            “10 tips to Improve Concentration” to a piece called                                                  A Short Biography of Gautama Buddha. I have taken a few formal classes on Buddhism and I have to say that this one short article is one of the best,  most easily understood, and just plain pretty  synopsis of the fundamentals of Buddhism I have read. This is a get happy state of mind site and provides great short infusions of good into your day. Who can’t use a short infusion of good and another cup of coffee into some days?


The most current offering at 1SigFrdsson is a series of images called  Watering Mirror Special. The photographer used a layer of water and oil to create some haunting images. Spring has already arrived in a collection, and my favorite on the site,  is called Almond Trees in Bloom.

Tokini has created a eye catching glamorous site called A Beautiful Insanity . She really has that artists eye going here! But I am focused today on a piece she wrote on all the great creative work produced and not seen, and then offers her own assistance in changing this. She has launched                 Friendly Friday.  In her own words:

“So, I’m starting Friendly Fridays. On certain Fridays, I won’t post anything of my own. Instead, I’ll dedicate that time to giving my attention and support to under appreciated art.  That’s where you come in. I want you to share with me.

Is there a video, blog post, picture, twitter handle, facebook page or anything else you feel should get attention. Leave the link in the comments section and I PROMISE I will go there and help a such as I can. “

How about showing up there at Beautiful Insanity, supporting Tohini’s effort to help this community thrive, and see how it works out?
I support MumblyMuses because she,  like me, is a mature older woman having fun with her website.  She has a very interesting life which includes having been a newspaper reporter, political hack, city council clerk, and a full time student beginning at age fifty and holding some fairly impressive degrees in Latin American and US History as a result. Her writing is clear and concise and often wise  without being preachy, and her story will live on in cyberspace which gives her great joy! She has a funny and so true piece on TV News that you may get a hoot out of reading.

Alas, on I’m Barely Keeping Up a much beloved computer has been replaced It’s a story we can all relate to, whether it is a computer, a car, a house, or a favorite cookie sheet. It’s a slice of life piece that will have me returning to the site for more stories.
The Science Geek showed up as a “Like” for the Friday post I do about my Environmental Science Class. While my Science themed posts aren’t  generating any interest, The Science Geek’s are!   I went to see who The Science Geek was and what a very cool and inspiring site! Real insight on the skill upgrade I need for my Friday  Environmental Class posts!
He is writing about very complex scientific subjects in very easily understood terms. He is doing a series on cosmology and dark matter that allowed me to actually get it and why  what makes 68% of our cosmos is really something I should know about! Go visit the Science Geek.  I left his site humbled, but smarter!


  1. I’d like to thank you for taking the time to not only read my thoughts but for the kind words.
    I’m delighted that you were able to relate to that particular piece enough to pass on your own wisdom on top of it.

    It gives me great pride and joy to know that what I have written has moved someone enough to reblog it and add their own perception on top of it.

    From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for this.

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