Roaming Around: Sunday Blog Visits

Hello Everyone. Thanks for showing up on this fine sunny very cold Sunday.

Time to get off my own website and find out who is saying what.. It’s definitely warmer out  in the heliosphere.  There are so many smart, interesting, beautiful, and diverse websites, a regular treasure chest of subjects, issues, and fun. Here is  where I have been,encouraging  you to go for yourself, and let them know I boldly invited you to their place!

Want to thank  Mindlessfloyd  for the gift of my very first REBLOG last week! I’m new to this WordPress community, and really was so happy when I saw that.. Thank you.

First stop was Andrew’s View of the Week .
Andrew writes about his faith, his woodworking and marquetry (with great videos of the process), sea shanties, does literary criticism, makes so so  jokes, and claims all this can change in a heartbeat because it’s his space …so get over there now!

What I want to speak about is his First Sunday of Last Week Chapter 1      Death and resurrection – A very detailed and articulate well written piece on Jesus entering Jerusalem from the perspective of confrontation with the domination system.  Whatever your faith or nonfaith, this is a very thoughtful piece about ‘them and us’, applicable to so many social, political, spiritual, relationship situations.   Have you ever considered what Pilate was doing ‘on the other side of town’  when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the colt? Or if Pilate even lived in Jerusalem? Go read this. I’m going back to read it again.

Nancy, at Two Trails, One Road recently moved to Arizona. I love all things Arizona, have a few thousand of my own photos of Arizona, currently am working a plan to go home to Arizona.   But Nancy’s photos are so much better than mine. Fresh Eyes! Shows off not only her skill as a photographer, but will have you making plans  to visit wherever she has focused her lens . Must see is Spring in the Desert. She also travels into California and down to Mexico, and let me  not forget the cruise she took on Valentine’s Day. Make sure you click on the three bars at the center top of her home page as they open into a well organized world  of photo choices that are just splendid.

The Wayward Warrior is where Rob McShane offers for purchase his books, booklets,   poetry and thoughts as his life unfolds. With a training in classical music, midwifery, sales, marketing, business management and consulting …you just may want to go see what he has birthed here, a site to offer and promote his creative work that is smooth and easy to navigate, and really gets the job done.

Donna George is enjoying her life. After thirty years as a buyer for a retail chain store, she is staying home in her beloved Wilmington NC,  and sharing her knowledge and experienced expertise on fashion, lifestyle, and there is a reason she got the Versatile Blogger AwardSix Reasons To Celebrate Being A Night Owl digs into science and personal experience to show the differences between being an insomniac and being a person who is nocturnal. She articulates clearly   the importance of finding our individual internal clock. Has a whole lot of positive things to say about staying up at night! If anyone is nagging you to call it a night…go read this article and stay up as long as you want.

What possible influence could a hunky thirty something weightlifter, international photographer, entrepreneur have on this wandering  Grandmother trying to figure out blogging? Well, his name is  James Clear and he wrote this article called Successful People Start Before They Feel Ready.  Alot of other great things too, but this was my tipping point. His methodology is that he reads a very large number of books, over thirty a year  and many of them are biographies, memoirs, health,  or history about people and events. He then takes what he has learned, sources them to his readers expertly,  and writes no nonsense, get off your ass and do your best life articles, which after reading stick in your head/heart/spirit  until  you can’t even think of not getting off your ass and doing  your best life. I’m convinced the weightlifting, and travel contribute too. Reading his writings which he freely shares is a big part of why  exists.  Thanks James.

Juliets Journal    is serious thoughtful poetry with  gorgeous graphics.  I enjoyed The Beasts Run Free immensely .I also really thought Trust In Absentia expressed the phenomenon of instinct and trust for women succinctly. Her site is so visually and creatively organized for it’s impact on the person arriving, that I just don’t want to say anything other than go there.

Smiley Like I Mean It   is writing a novel in the evenings, weekends, on his coffee breaks, and any other time he can carve out time. I visited some of those excerpts. I will tell you a little about Visiting the Monster. Begins as a well written graphic metaphoric description of  Southwark, a section of London. Then the realization that it’s a metaphor but much more. It really is clear eyed graphic of what poverty and  slums look, feel, smell, and taste like everywhere.   And the words are so powerful you are there, and you want to know why. You are hoping that ole Smiley quits his day job soon, and writes full time  so he gets this story finished and you can buy the book.

I just met Noirfifre from the Poetry 201 Class through WordPress. She likes Jane Austina and History, but I’ll let her tell you about herself:

As a romantic person, I often gush about love, lust, attraction and these memories in poetry. As a trained history student, I explain Slavery, Protest, War and many other amazing historical account. As a reader, I will share quotes and articles from wiser minds. As a movie lover, a thinker, a being: I share general tidbits which move me to excitement or anger but I do not write on every topic underneath the sun. I specialize in love Poetry and some Historical Content[whatever vibrates my heart].

I read this piece she did this week about Justin Timberlake                           titled  Animal What Is It and knew I was coming to visit her this Sunday!

Melissa is from Maine and moved  to her husbands homeland of Ireland.      To a place called the Inis Mor, the Aran Islands. They are building a family business around this farm, and I like being there.  They are writing about their garden, what goes on in the kitchen…would love to have dinner with them, but will make the orzo salad from their site this very afternoon several thousand miles away; so could you!  Melissa is in the best place for wool and cloth and shows off her skills for what to do with it. Go  visit this family having their very best adventure!

That is it for this week. Hope to see and hear form you soon.


  1. Hi Juliet: Good to hear from you. Genuinely appreciate your nomination for the One Lovely Blog Award and the invitation to participate in the Spread the Love Challenge. However, I am working to get my photographs in order so I can put them onto my blog. This has turned into quite a large and time consuming project. Thanks for thinking of me and lets continue to support one another in our creativity.

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  2. Hi JoHanna! 🙂 I really appreciate your kindness in mentioning my blog. Thank you so much! 🙂 I was wondering if you would be interested in participating in the Spread the Love Challenge I’m nominating you for. It’s optional, no pressure 🙂
    Also, I nominated you for One Lovely Blog Award.

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  3. Ahh, Simply Peter. You really do need to drop in and hang out with Smiley because he is writing a very excellent novel that one day you will want to smugly claim at small noteworthy dinner parties …that you knew Smiley and read excerpts of THE NOVEL before it was a best seller! Then you will say…And hey have you heard about
    I was one of the that old woman’s first one hundred followers.


  4. Good on you for getting behind other bloggers. I am starved for time to read even a portion of the blogs I am following. Looking forward to a vacation in April and time on a plane to read. x

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  5. Thank you for the kind words. I have so much fun nosing around into other folks creative websites and gossiping about them on my own! Yes, I will ‘pop you an email’ and appreciate your gifting me your latest publication!

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  6. Thank you so much for putting my blog on your ‘Roaming Around’ page. What a pleasant surprise! I am so pleased, and humbled, that you consider my writing worthy of the reference.
    You have motivated me to put my recently published latest collection up (I had been procrastinating! Now I must get it to e-book too! :))
    If you would like, JoHanna, please just pop me an email and I’ll organize a complimentary copy for you.
    Thank you again – so thrilled and much appreciated.

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  7. Thank You So Much for featuring me today on your Roaming Around on Sunday !! I am so appreciative and love your fabulous, kind words about Two Trails One Road! {{HUGS}} To You! ~Nancy

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