“Let Me Show You My Rocks Grandma”

Photography 101: Day Four: Bliss and Captions:

Bliss: complete happiness, great joy, paradise, or heaven.

This is my bliss:

Being present, witness too, involved in the passing                                                 Of love for Planet Earth, Science, Nature ,                                                                 One Love .  Bob said.                                                                                                     From my Daughter to my Grandchildren .                                                                     The next generation of my family ..                                                                              This for me is  Bliss.

   The Bowl  —  Rumi

Evolution of fins to hooves.
Evolution of fins to hooves.

Imagine the time particle you are

returns where it came from!

The family darling comes home. Wine,

without being contained in cups,

is handed around.

A red glint appears in a granite outcrop,

and suddenly the whole cliff turns ruby.

At dawn I walked along with a monk

on his way to the monastery.

“Let’s look at the shells, Grandma.”

“We do the same work,”

I told him. “We suffer the same.”

He gave me a bowl.

And I saw:

“These are my rocks.” he shouted. “Let me show you their sizes, shapes and colors.”

the soul has this shape.


You that teach us and actual sunlight

help me now,

being in the middle of being partly in my self

and partly outside.

Photos : JoHanna Massey
Photos by: JoHanna Massey
Photo : JoHanna Massey
Photo: JoHanna Massey

Denver Museum of Nature and Science 


  1. Yes, there is nothing better than the collecting of rocks..shells too. Have you been to the Petrified Forest yet?

    Another place that rather put me over the top was Jade Beach in California.

    My rocks adorn the interior of my house and each one holds the memory of the day.

    My maternal Grandmother used to do fieldwork and she had jars of stones and pebbles she had collected, and little boxes for the ‘special’ ones, who each held a story.

    Great to hear from you.


  2. Hello My Blogging Friend… I am a rock hound. This post spoke to me. My oldest son loved rocks when he was young and collected whatever he could find and buy.
    Forward …ME… 25 years. Now it is I who loves rocks. I have been to several Mines where I dig up specimens to bring home. Such as Amethyst, fluorite, calcite, Peridot, gold, silver, and a whole bunch of rocks that end in “_ite!!!” LOL. My sweet, sweet man knows more about these then I do.
    But we have fun digging them up together.
    We both belong to a rock club who takes us on field trips to these local mines here in AZ. We have such a wonderful time. I have begun to learn how to wire these precious minerals into beautiful pendants. We also go to Rock and Gem shows to purchase lovely “rocks!”
    Then My sweet, sweet man and I love to look at the moon. I do take photos but hard to do… THAT MOON is hard to PHOTOGRAPH!!
    So your post spoke to my heart. We are kindred spirits… I am sure!!


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