Forward March: Sunday Blog Visits

I am continually humbled and inspired by the quality of the websites I am visiting. There are days when I laugh at what a nascent  I am  compared to the degree of excellence I find.

Here is,  who figuratively opened their door to me this week. When you go for a visit, let them know I invited you.


TJ Paris and PhotoGallery:  This is such a classy website.  Is TJ Paris a famous photographer and I am the last to know?  Let’s all laugh with me and not at me.  Spectacular and insightful moments are held and gifted to you  through his camera lens. He also shares what camera he used, the aperture, focal lengths, and shutter speeds.   Living in Australia and loving all things French…..Take a deep  look for yourself at TJ Paris and Photo Gallery.  The galleries of photos and his  accompanying  narratives are a pleasure.         Start with  Rebel Without A Causeway.   Or perhaps Musee Rodin . Guaranteed you will return until you see all the galleries, then anticipate his next adventure and the gallery to come.


Look what  Lilly has done! First is a fairy tale, of a sweet little girl who loved cakes. Who eventually studied in Paris at le Cordon Bleu. This young woman knows how to bake, take photos and write! Lilli’s site is  filled with glamorous  photos of breads,  pastries and of course cakes. There are recipes and background information, and juicy cake gossip.   I suggest you begin your exploration with Cake Adventures and Culture.



I first arrived at Irish Investigations to take a look at a photo contribution Jim McKeever made to the WordPress Photo101 class. He is a long distance runner who writes about people who have left an impression on him, and whose stories he does not want to see lost.  Go read the story of Gertis McDowell, a man who marched with Martin Luther King in Birmingham, a person of deep faith known as the Mayor of Marshall Street in Syracuse New York. In his passing, Mr McDowell was first honored with a tribute piece in a digital outlet of the Post-Standard newspaper, and then publicly attacked and publicly vilified by internet trolls. Jim McKeever speaks in a clear strong voice about the issue of anonymous internet ridicule, an issue that all of us who blog should care deeply about too. Thank you Jim McKeever .


I stopped in to see  Lotta Wanner and found a true and faithful example of what the characteristics of a ‘personal blog’ are. Lotta has worked as crew on a sailboat in the Bahamas,  backpacked in New Zealand and Australia, owned a cafe, and is in the midst of a reinvention of herself and is going to share the journey on her blog. I am new to blogging, and know many others are too.  Here is an example of someone who is kindly and gently moving forward in her life and writing about it in a very personal and positive voice. She also has a Swedish language version.



I read an amazing story called On A Train I’m Remembering. You can read it too at Angieinspired. 

Here is a few sentence tease:

“The white wooden church next door, has been condemned
And belongs to them. They are going to fix it up, get closer
To God; preach the gospel, bring in some pews. But all they
Manage to lug in is a TV set and a coffee table to rest their
Beer cans on.  Sweaty, they leave rings. And I’m too good for this.
Only I don’t know it yet.”

Angie really is inspired, and her entire website reflects it. I really look forward to visiting her website  often and reading her writing.


Great M. Herron is a lyric coloratura soprano, a cantor, has a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education, a Master’s Degree in Opera Performance, and a one woman cabaret show called “Soprano Smother.” You can find  a great piece of writing on Leonard Nimoy, Spock to those of us who enjoyed Star Trek and his character.


Thank you to everyone and have a great weekend!





  1. Aww I have no time for all this browsing! But I will make time, especially for cakes. I am now following them all!! Catch up soon.
    Phil has wandered in twice … “What are you doing?” He got a quality jumper from the charity shop yesterday! Reading the label….”Punch in” … We bought a quality toy for my grandson too… “Punch in”… As he reads the info…” I can’t get any sense out of you… “

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  2. I am deeply touched you visited and looked at my blog and speachless you choose to mention it on your beautiful blog, and in the same post as so talented artists. I send you my love 😃

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