Seed Rack in Amalfi

Photography 101: Day Four ..Bliss & Captions

Bliss: complete happiness, great joy, paradise, or heaven.


Non GMO Seeds! Bliss


The Seed Market- Rumi

Can you find

Another market like this?


with your one rose

you can buy hundreds of

rose gardens?

Fresh Herbs
Then Fresh Herbs


for one seed

you get a whole wilderness?

For one weak breath,

the divine wind?

You’ve been fearful

of being absorbed in the ground,

More  Bliss

or drawn up by the air.

Now, your water bead lets go

and drops into the ocean,

where it came from.

It no longer has the form it had,

but it’s still water.

The essence is the same.

This giving up is not repenting.

It’s a deep honoring of yourself.


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