Seeking Solitude At The Colosseo

Photography 101: Day Five ..Solitude  & the Rule of Thirds

Learning of the hundreds of thousands of living creatures who were slaughtered for entertainment troubled me deeply. I sought a quiet place.

IMG_0180_3In the slaughterhouse of love, they kill

only the best, none of the weak or deformed.

Don’t run away from this dying.

Whoever is not killed for love is dead meat.





IMG_0021_5 IMG_0159_3

IMG_0247_3 IMG_0158_3



    1. Me too. I included the other photos so the viewer could get a sense of what a busty place it is and that I really needed to explore deeper into the structure to find some solitude.

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    1. I continue to have mixed feelings about the Coliseum. I took the time to read the wonderfully done displays and information and the place was just a brutal killing field.
      I did love the fact it was engineered so that they could flood entire portions of it and have full size ships do mock battles.

      Best to you.


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