Too Big For The Tub

One of the earliest people to show up at my website was                                           Journey of A Squvelisthttps.  Currently engaged in something that caught my interest and I thought I would participate in. Called Pick and Post, it goes like this:

Rules. A Pic’n’Post submission should contain:

  • A photograph you’ve taken
  • A brief (about 100 words) idea for a story prompted by the photo
  • A brief text explaining the true story behind the photo

To participate, simply publish a Pic’n’Post submission on your blog and send a link. This isn’t a contest, so there are no winners as such – all participants win the right to be inspired!

Upcoming deadline: Monday 9th March

This is my entry:


Fictional Idea:

Too Big For The Tub

Lewis was so cute and cuddly when  first found abandoned, or so we convinced ourselves, on an ice flow from a melting glacier. There simply had seemed no choice at the time but to take him back to the research station. He loved to cuddle, slept around with every one of us, drank the condensed milk and baby formula mixed with fish oil, and for several weeks he was our darling. We collected our data, filed our reports, took the last of our photos, and scheduled the plane to come and retrieve us out.

What about Lewis? I won the poker game and Lewis came home with me. He has outgrown the bathtub, the ice maker is broken, and I have yet to find a high stakes card game to lose.

Truth Behind The Photo

Excellent Day at the San Diego Zoo

Pic and Post


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