“Turn Left.” said the Saguaro.

Photography 101: Day Eight…  Natural World & Leading Lines

“Turn left.”  said the Saguaro.



Something opens our wings. Something

makes boredom and hurt disappear.

Someone fills the cup in front of us.

We taste only sacredness.






    1. Yes, I know what you are talking about. The ones that appear to dance!

      I have ‘known’ this cactus for many years and I remain amazed how many pass on by… not realizing if they just listened and made that left turn they would see some gorgeous country.

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  1. Your photos reminded me of the song “Saguaro” by the Austin Lounge Lizards? You might enjoy it. Depends on your sense of humor and that first photos is pretty funny.

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  2. I specially like the first one. What happened to it? I have to admit I googled what a saguaro was 🙂 I knew it was a cactus, just didn’t know its specific name.

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    1. I do not know specifically what happened to it. It could have been deliberately cut, or accidentally hit and falling over, stopped and over time healed itself and kept growing sideways.
      Or it could have absorbed too much water some year long ago and tilted over, didn’t die, and continued onward. These cactus grow very very slowly.

      Or you could believe like I do that it is a left hand directional signage cactus, so it is just doing it’s job.

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  3. The top guy and the bottom girl and my two favorites, JoHanna, for former bending over to tell me where to go — almost daring to give me the curled finger! — and the latter standing straight at attention like a runway model. I like ’em.

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