A Thousand New Disguises

Photography 101: Day Ten: Mystery & Lighting Effects

Inside my  worn copy of “The Essential Rumi”,  were several old photos,  and a pen and ink. Reflecting back  a now mysterious entire lifetime ago deep in me.  I was known as the Riverkeeper, and indeed for awhile both the River and I knew it was true. That Life, Time long ago, kept safe within pages and the heart of poetry.

Scan 10

Scan 9

Real value comes with madness

matzub below, scientist above.

Whoever finds love

beneath hurt and grief

disappears into emptiness

with a thousand new disguises.


John Krizkos Bittern 1
Bitterns– John Krizko
JoHanna Massey
JoHanna Massey Photo: Pete Dunne

Today’s excellent music: Further to Fly- Almaz Yebio


  1. When the soul lies down in that grass
    the world is too full to talk about.”
    ― Rumi

    That last photo made me think of the above quote… fabulous memory for you.

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  2. I can so vividly recall taking that photo. My daughter and I woke with the sound of a tug and barge coming up river just before dawn. We went down to watch them navigate the reach, see how close to the bank the Captain would catch the curve, and when we turned the sun had arrived and lit up the cabin and marsh reeds. It was magic.

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