The Fusion of Art and Architecture

Day Twelve: Architecture

Thought it would be easy to use  Pompeii for this assignment. So many  buildings not only intact, but the residents of that fated town must have just vibrated with a collective creativity in the way they  fused architecture and art. In 79 AD Mount Vesuvius erupted and literally buried the towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum in volcanic ash. I arrived later and felt genuine awe, so mixed was my respect for what they had achieved there, now so preserved by tragedy. …and skittish fear in seeing what is possible in terms of sudden catastrophe no matter how beautiful your surroundings and lifestyle.

This assignment proved difficult. Took  many hundreds of photos of this intoxicating place. Could not decide which would be  representative. Couldn’t be done. So here is just a tease of a taste of Pompeii. demonstrating what I call the The Fusion of Art and Architecture.


A craftsmen pulled a reed

from the reedbed. cut holes in it

and called it a human being.

Since then, it’s been wailing a tender agony

of parting,

never mentioning the skill

that gave it life as a flute.

IMG_0338                                                                                 Rumi











Every wall any building a blank canvas for creation of art!


  1. I have travelled there so many times in my mind but someday I would like to make the journey in person. Thanks for sharing those lovely photos.


    1. Yes, the citizens of this city embraced the arts so much and it was present in every detail of the site. Whether it was the floors, walls, or entryways to their homes, or the streets and amphitheater, the bakery or the inlaid counters in the shops…I could wax poetic about this place for days and still not capture accurately the amount of talent on display there.

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  2. I must go… I have been offline as I was on a journey. Gorgeous photos… The whole city seems to eat, breath, and live ART. I see it in every photo.


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