Wearing Big Girl Panties

Blogging 101 Reloaded: Day 2                                                                                      

Assignment: Take Control of Your Title and Tagline

I initially chose and will continue to claim my own name for my blog. I really needed to do this on a physical, mental, physical,  and most important spiritual level (where I strongly suspect a name means nothing!).  Somewhere in a long stretch of  years and the many names, titles and persona’s I was assigned and accepted I had relinquished telling my own story. And what an amazing good life I have had, so many places and people and experiences along the way and so many stories to tell.

This is who I am, what I think and feel and did in this life. And even when the story is a fiction it is coming from my voice. And the truly wonderful thing that has happened in this claiming my name is how it spilled out off the blog and I began to know and say out loud what I wanted and needed, and put full tilt boogie effort to making it happen.  I am home now, with boxes of memories about my feet, and still long lists of details that come with these major geographic relocations.

Returning to my blog and loving it all over again. Energized and ready to go forward and part of that is in having said my name out loud. The energy coming from the freedom of it, and the amazing amount of creativity and community I found at WordPress.

This is what I said about using my own name as the title and Walt Whitman as my tagline in January 2015.

“It simultaneously makes me feel a sense of lightness and grounded in my truth. Reminds me to write using my own voice.”

Now I need to get my big girl panties on and write the stories!

My very best to each and everyone.


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  1. NIce work. I do believe I may have bumped into you from time to time on Writing 201. Time to become more committed and in the spirit of Day 3 I have hit the follow button and am looking forward to reading more of you blog 🙂 cheers Heid


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