Sunday Blog Visits

Sunday Blog Visits

These are just a few of the creative and innovative websites I have visited this week that inform, entertain, challenge, and inspire. Some I have featured previously.  Stepping out into new creative projects from their blogs, I find their new ventures to be incentives for me and I am sure others to consider the blog as a springboard, and for those new to blogging to see the different directions blogs can take.  A few I have included  are new to me and I encourage you to drop in for a  visit and see for yourself the high quality and diverse content being produced on these blogs.

James Clear writes “What I Do When I feel Like Giving Up.” A no surrender voice that will quickly get you out of any desire you have to quit any project or goal you are invested in.  His information and ideas are always backed by solid research and where to find it, and his writing is personable enough that you can identify with his situation, or  ponder how he knew exactly what you needed to hear.

I follow Andrew’s View of the Week largely because there is not one shred of pretense or pretend to it. He also  kindly encourages those bloggers he follows, which I am grateful to be one of.  The quality of his  post this week on his own personal General Writing Rules explains why he is celebrating his 500th  follower and being asked to write  a column for Today’s Author.  Congratulations Andrew.

It was surely a laugh out loud at myself moment when I received a response to a comment I had written to ElizaBerrie about                                                          ” And They Lived Happily Ever After The End”  a short story she wrote on her website Looking Back From 50.  She had written this very detailed slice of life recounting of a babysitting gig she had years ago and the wisdom of a six year old. When she replied to my praise with the news it was fiction..totally made up …I hit the follow button to her website. It is filled with so many stories and her site is so well organized and easy to navigate. She can and does personify the belief that fiction is the closest to truth and reality we can get!

Curtis Bausse is busy. Get yourself on over to Journey of a Blogvelist right now before you get left behind. He has his neighbor’s curiosity as he sports bloody knives, wine bottles and a determination to get the cover for his novel One Green Bottle to be truly representative of the tale within. You can read the first four chapters on his blog. It’s excellent. He also is now publishing the Bausse Gazette that you can subscribe to at Journey of a Blogvelist. Delivered by email, I read a few of the stories online and was so excited by the quality of them that I printed out the entire first edition and it is excellent bedtime reading.  Normal people having normal days that turn on a sentence in directions you never saw coming. Go now..and subscribe.

Spiral Sun inspires me because Kim has created a peaceful intelligent space and the quality of her writing and artwork keeps gaining strength and becoming more powerful and refined simultaneously.  Her musing, her book reviews, and her sharing her day to day efforts to explore and grow into the best person she can be are so heartfelt.  It’s a feminine space,  where Kim is asking the big how and why questions of our roles as humans on the planet and being genuine in her search for the answers. She is tracking down the good books, reading them and sharing what she finds. Her latest book review   ‘Zen and the Art of Making a Living’ by Lawrence Boldt offers up sound and soul based advice on what does and does not work when working for money, and her Meditations on Walking post is a mere sample of her ability to write in a genuine voice with photos to tease you into believing you took that walk with her, and enjoyed every moment.

Nothing makes me happier than finding a new science based website.        The Science of Illustration : All the Science That is Fit To Illustrate                    This site could well make science nerds out of everyone, something I believe is our best hope for saving our planet. Try out                                                         Vacancy at Emerald Ash Borer Motel .  There is a man walking down the street and he sees purple boxes hanging from trees. Aside from the humorous cartoon illustration is the story behind the box, of the millions of trees destroyed by this insect, written in language to make you care and links to verifiable science to back it up. Don’t like bugs? Try Fishy Art. Did you find yourself thinking about bats the last time you were buying bananas? There’s a reason for that. Matt Miller explains all on his well illustrated and most excellent diverse topic science website. Thank you Matt!

Looking for some very cool visuals about writing and words to match? Drop in on Smiley Like I Mean It. Smiley Yearwood received a                                          On Repeat Blog Tour Award and his response to it was just so much fun to watch, and his words ringing so true for anyone struggling to balance their 9-5 job life with their true creative calling.

That’s it for the Wednesday edition of Sunday Blog Visits.



  1. oh I so need to go to bed (late on my side of the world) but now you have given me so much to go and explore I think I will explode…thank goodness the weekend is coming up! I wonder if my partner will notice me sneaking off to the blogosphere 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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