Big Blog Deal Happily I announce  205 followers for my blog. This is truly something to celebrate and I just want to say thank you so very much. And what a following it is. Writers, students, artists, mechanics, mothers, music men, IT people, farmers, science geeks, ministers, travelers, photographers, athletes, pilots, teachers, chefs, and comedians. Flung far and wide around the globe from New York City, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Kenya, and everywhere in between.  Crossing over gender, age, politics, faith,  demographic distances and differences that demonstrate just how positive an impact for peace and unity that the WordPress Community is. Your support and encouragement of my blog is so appreciated, and I learn so much, and have so much fun  each time I visit with you, and you inspire me every day.  Thank you. Another BIG BLOG DEAL

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Lots of people have them, whether they travel in their heads, hearts, or are stuffed away in attics, bottom desk drawers, or Misc Archived Files. They are the half considered yearning to be …. stories and novels, paintings, videos, sketches, jewelery,  sculptures ,collages, any and all of our creative ideas and yearnings that we keep stuffed away.  Our blogs are a true example of bringing our creative power out into the light …worldwide light of day. My life long desire  is contained in a red trunk as bits and pieces of memorabilia, notes, photos and family documents. This story  has sat in my heart wanting out for a long time. I have to say that this blogging community has really given me the confidence, and my recent lifestyle changes the opportunity, and there is in me such a sense of urgency… that if it is to be told, it’s now or never. And so I take a deep breath and begin.  Connors Reach is now in progress! This is just so exciting…no exhilarating is more like it. There is also a fair amount of anxiety about writing this novel , but it’s power is waning as I embrace my characters and let my imagination out to play. Feeling kind of bold and breathless in the decision to post as it progresses, but I am thinking sharing the creating with you will help me tremendously.   Your ideas, input and continued support is valued and requested. Thanking everyone.


The GREAT STUFF PURGE is officially over. It has now been one month since we moved into the townhouse. The car went into the garage for the first time yesterday.  This may not seem like a big deal to most, but even after literally shedding over a ton of stuff before the move, we were still downsizing from approximately two thousand six hundred feet of living space to thirteen hundred, brought too much stuff across country,  and Terry has many jokes now about me being a ‘specialty hoarder.’ That is a hoarder who selectively hoards books, shells, photos, fossils, and rocks. I admit that while I can offload a ‘valuable’ Chippendale chair, or an oak  dining-room set  without a second’s thought to where I will set my bottom  or dinner plate, I will defend my chunks of marbled petrified wood from Arizona, bright pink conch shells from Nevis, a bit of pottery from Civita, and thousands of photos from thousands of days, people,  and places. And yes I did keep ninety percent of my books, even the entire collection of hardbound Anne Rice vampire books.  For my Granddaughter of course, to disappear into this summer. So relieved and happy to be past this part of the path to  that lifestyle of Elegant Simplicity I keep yakking about and striving for. The trick now not to haul home more stuff. Here we go!

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  1. A “Ton of Fun” is the perfect quote for your last few months… or more. Keeping on having that Ton of Fun and Good Luck to you with Connors Reach! You Go Girl!

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  2. Your joy leaps off the page! A most uplifting post. Congrats on everything. Very exciting to start your novel, to be settling into your new home, and to be looking forward to the next adventures that await you! I love your energy. Xx

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  3. Sharing not only helps but is vital, I find. I go through intense periods of doubt (in one right now) and feedback of any sort is so precious. I look forward to more news of Connors Reach!

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  4. Wow! Congratulations on so many fronts! These are big, exciting changes, and I understand why you’re so ramped up about them. I like a good fat change in my life now and then. Shakes out some excitement. Sounds like you’re having a ton of fun. Good for you!

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    1. Smaller in a good way. Finding out that we have many interests and topics in common with people from cultures and places so different than our own. So good to hear from you and thank you for your continuing support and encouragement.

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