Inspired by The Neighbors

Blogging 101:  Get inspired by the Neighbors

Today’s assignment: write a post that builds on one of the comments you left yesterday. Don’t forget to link to the other blog

“Because citizen discourse is powerful.” is the tagline for one of my new favorite sites known as Our Weapon of Choice. The About page expresses so succinctly Ryan’s  goal to have intelligent in depth discussions on issues that have so many of us globally  concerned, whether it is the educating of our children, our failing infrastructures or climate change. Not in a heavy pessimism either. True informative discourse.

Yesterday I read a post that woke up long sleeping  memories  of playing Chinese checkers in my Grandmother’ s  farm kitchen while eating her molasses cakes and her ritual of serving very hot English tea made with a tea-ball steeping in a fancy flowered teapot, with  delicate cups and saucers to match. My sense of smell, taste, and of feeling loved all settled in as I read this post on culture’s food rituals and how important they are to  family,  community. I encourage you to treat yourself to a pleasant memory and go read   Food As Culture, As Memory, As Memento.  Our Weapon of Choice is a must  explore site,  then hit the follow button and join the conversations there. Many ways to get inspired here.

I’m inspired to go bake some of my Grandma’s cookies.

Edith Luella Massey Age 16 (2)
Grandma Massey







IMG_0009 IMG_0007_2

13 thoughts on “Inspired by The Neighbors

  1. Molasses Cookies! Well how about Banana Chocolate Chip and Tea with cream and honey! Oh the recipes from our beloved past. Mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm!!!


    1. Indeed.
      Just back from 10 days with the Grand-kids in Colorado. Mixing up the time honored food rituals with new very modern one of Vietnamese Takeout ! It is a brave new, and busy world!


    1. We could be in the midst of one of those six degrees of separation moments. Massey was my Grandmothers birth name.
      I was also having some fun with the post because she lived across the street from my childhood home and was thus ‘our neighbor.’

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          1. It’s not about mean…it’s about continued inclusion in the tribe. Course I would bet all of us have given the recipe to someone at some point. Just sworn them to secrecy.


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