Blogging 201..Day One: Set Three Goals

Good Monday afternoon.

One of the goals I set when I began the blog at the beginning of this year was to surrender to the WordPress process for 2015. So here I am, in Day One of  Blogging 201:  Set Three Goals. Taking this class being part of those original goals.

Got Pandora Journey in my ears and some thoughts in my head about blogs and setting goals. After seven months, a major geographical move,              major lifestyle change, A Gran Tour, and 226 stunning followers from whom I learn daily, I know that my setting goals and returning to review them constantly is essential. I have also learned that as I learn more about myself, others, blogging, and the big events unfold on my planet, that my blog will evolve and change. The goals must therefore also have the capacity to transform, expand and reflect current interests,  state of mind, heart and soul.  My goals must reflect what my readers find interesting and relevant if I am to have a successful blog. And while those goals do that they must keep me grounded in my ethics.

There is a cranky old broad side to me that is no longer interested in anything that requires the setting and achieving of goals. The old gal has a ‘been there, done that’ attitude that can send me out the door for a walk about or curled up all Tuesday afternoon reading the previous Sunday New York Times, one complete section at a time. A swim, a nap, binge watching the PBS Midsummer Murders series, a leisurely long lunch with Terry in our favorite local bistro, or a slow stroll through one of the art galleries. Indeed there is quite a bit of old gal resistance to having goals following many decades  of them.

Which returns me to the importance of having a clear concise plan and set of goals for the blog, because I genuinely do want it to thrive, grow and be successful.  Most important is to embrace it with a light heart, do good work, and still get out the door in time for that  leisurely lunch.

So here are my at point of publish current goals for :

1. To be immortal. Or is that immortalized?

Unless the future global government decides to squash or control/edit us common peoples’  access and contributions to content on the internet, my sixth future cousin twice removed will be able to access from her inter-cranial transplant  everything she  always wanted to read all about that notorious ancestor from way back when her family’s DNA was passed on the good old fashion way. Indeed I wish to be a Virtual Oracle Connection through my stories and photos.

2. To write, complete, and post Connor’s Reach.  

This is a two year goal.

3. Regular Deposits to the  Karma Account

One of the initially surprising and present day best features about my blog has been the support I have received from fellow bloggers and WordPress.  I am so grateful for this and the best way I can demonstrate that gratitude is to show up on their blogs, continue with an occasional  Sunday Blog Visits and support the growth and popularity of not just my own blog ….but expand my skill base to help get traffic to others’ blogs. Which is all pure pleasure as nothing better than learning new skills and showing up at an old blog friend  or a brand new one and  just getting excited  with the quality and creativity of the blog.

4. Clean Up My Own Blog

There are parts of my blog that need a real deep cleaning. My categories, my lack of photo pages, and a way to contact me come to mind. This has the time-frame of July 30, right now.

All my best to every one who has showed up for me and know how much I enjoy your comments and your follows and most of all your blogs. And thank you to Word Press for this class. I have decided to let everyone know what it is I listen to while I blog…you know for that immortality goal.  Stevie and I say good day!

Now let’s have some fun!


11 thoughts on “Blogging 201..Day One: Set Three Goals

  1. Hard to make blog goals isn’t it!?!? Especially when we are also busy with “life!” That being said… You put everything into perspective. I too need goals but can’t even think of them until I build a sunroom at the Lake House!

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    1. A sunroom anywhere is pleasant; but one on a Lake House is absolutely divine!
      What a great project!

      Seven months into this blogging and I am coming into a mindset that I must always choose the delicious offerings that show up in “life” days first. I think that will ultimately make for a much better blog.

      Returning to my beloved High Desert quite the distraction for me right now!

      Great to hear from you and about the Sunroom. All my best,

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  2. Goal setting is a good thing, I tend to also adopt the “been there, done that” philosophy, but I have so much on my plate that I definitely would be better off sitting down and prioritizing. Good information and reflections 🙂

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  3. I love your take on why goals are sometimes off putting – too many goals and hoops to jump through in the past do make it so tempting and almost necessary to throw off the reins sometimes. I also like that you are finding ways to focus your goals on the things that are important to you.

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