Camera Lucida: Nature’s Dessert

The moment I read that Julia at My Red Page has chosen the theme of Nature’s Dessert 

Share your vision of the sweet and juicy…fruity and vibrant…might that be the fruit stand at your favourite market, your morning fresh smoothie, the apple tree across the street, a hidden strawberry bush in your secret garden or the last lemonade you’ve enjoyed on a warm summer afternoon.

What is your fruity juicy?

for the increasingly popular Camera Lucida series I knew exactly what two photos I wanted to share.  From my heart a a vibrant memory surfaced of a stretch of days  in Sorrento Italy when I would choose a morning dessert of fresh fruit, and an afternoon choice from the most beautiful and tasty display of candy I have ever experienced.


                ……vineyards, olive-trees, gardens of oranges and lemons, orchards, heaped-up rocks, green gorges in the hills–and by the bases of snow-covered heights, and through small towns with handsome, dark- haired women at the doors–and pass IMG_0059_2delicious summer villas–to Sorrento where the Poet Tasso drew his inspiration from the beauty surrounding him.

Quote on Sorrento from Charles Dickens   Pictures from Italy (1845):

                       You can view everyone’s impressions of Nature’s Dessert by knocking on this door:

Camera Lucida - Your Gallery

Here’s another example of just how good Sorrento tastes:

When You Taste Food In Sorrento

Peace and Blessings to everyone.


  1. Oh my God…. That looks incredible:) such a great interpretation of this week’s theme! I love the fact that it holds a memory for you:)
    Thank you for joining us at Camera Lucida:)

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  2. Now that’s a bounty!!! How incredible to be able to go there daily and pick out fresh fruit and vegetables, I bet they were fruity juicy too!!! Are those jalapenos hanging in the background? I can see why that memory surfaced immediately…thanks for sharing…yum!!

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