Bird In The Hand

A Bird In the Hand

IMG_0007This bird in the hand 

Should be home in his nest.

But the cat  won’t say where.

So I did my best

With grubs and worms


And kind words,


This three quarter robin red breast

Grew into a truly  Angry Bird.



Thank you everyone who is showing up to my website.


    1. Yeah, this robin arrived in my life as a rained out, wind blown, deposited at my feet by a cat piece of still managing a heartbeat of tiny little feathers, with an out-sized beak. Fought me the entire time I invested….which was hours and hours of every single day…. to save his life. And then one morning, I found him out of his box up on the top of the kitchen herb rack and when I opened the back door he promptly shit on the drying basil leaves , flew out onto the porch, and out the screen door. For the next several days he was demanding I feed him from his perch on the garage roof, the top of the cedar tree, from the pine trees in the community park, and the bow of a boat docked at the piers. After a week of stalking me, he was gone. His never once changed his squawking demanding nature towards me during the entire time I assisted him, and I laughed and laughed and laughed and admired at his survival ‘attitude.’

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