Camera Lucida: Out of Place

Julia at My Red Page chose the theme Out of Place for this weeks             Camera Lucida:

This week you have the opportunity to be as spontaneous as you like…find that object which doesn’t belong, it can even be a boat on a hill :)…can it be an ingredient you shouldn’t have put in your cake mixture, maybe it’s a two coloured leaf found deep in the forest…maybe it’s snow in the middle of August or a snapshot of Sun and the Moon, who according to legends, should never meet.

Here is my submission:

A Bird In the Hand

IMG_0007This bird in the hand 

Should be home in his nest.

But the cat  won’t say where.

So I did my best

With grubs and worms


And kind words,


This three quarter robin red breast

Grew into a truly  Angry Bird.

IMG_0003_4Camera Lucida continues to grow in popularity, and the submissions are as varied as they are stunning. Drop on over and see for yourself.

Camera Lucida - Your Gallery

Thank you everyone who is showing up to my website here to see what I have posted for the weekly theme, and often taking the time to seek out other posts to like and comment on.  And special thanks to Julia for your continuing marvelous ideas, and for hosting

Camera Lucida : Out of Place

Today’s Music: Rockin Robin – Bobby Day


  1. Yeah, this robin arrived in my life as a rained out, wind blown, deposited at my feet by a cat piece of still managing a heartbeat of tiny little feathers, with an out-sized beak. Fought me the entire time I invested….which was hours and hours of every single day…. to save his life. And then one morning, I found him out of his box up on the top of the kitchen herb rack and when I opened the back door he promptly shit on the drying basil leaves , flew out onto the porch, and out the screen door. For the next several days he was demanding I feed him from his perch on the garage roof, the top of the cedar tree, from the pine trees in the community park, and the bow of a boat docked at the piers. After a week of stalking me, he was gone. His never once changed his squawking demanding nature towards me during the entire time I assisted him, and I laughed and laughed and laughed and admired at his survival ‘attitude.’

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