Oh The Places You Will Go! Sunday Blog Visits

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…”
― Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Good Sunday Morning to everyone. Indeed, as Dr Seuss reminds us,  we all get to choose where we will go. Especially on the internet. Whether you are looking for thought-provoking, challenging, mouth watering, or inspiring ideas,  our fellow bloggers have much to offer.  Here’s a few gems I spent time with this past week:

Much chatter going on about Writing Conferences, and if you stop by 10 Minutes of Words : An Unedited Look Into The Mind of Hayden Trenholm,  you can hear his take on his recent participation in When Words Collide.  Titled  Conversation, he speaks with a succinct clarity about the similarities and differences in how we interact with one another when sitting elbow to elbow in person rather than screen to screen in  cyberspace. Another favorite of mine on his site was The Persistence of Vision, the story of his trip to The Tea Farm, where he meets a young couple who infuse him not only with their home grown tea and edibles, but with their enthusiasm and energy to embrace and make real their goal and vision. What I enjoy about Hayden Trenholm’s site is that he is keenly observant, has an abundance of insight and opinion about a big variety of topics, and he has mastered the art of the word count. Creating short and very succinct posts where not a word is wasted.

Ever wished you knew exactly where the Seven Sisters of Pleides are in all that wonderment of sky above you? Ever considered that you share that sky with anyone who ever lived on this planet and that many created stories and myths to explain not just the sky but life itself?  Get yourself over to La Audacia de Aquiles (Audacity of Achilles: Visible World is Only A Pretext.) Maybe your curious about Sigmund Freud, Centaurs or Zeus’s wife Hera.  This is a smart,  visually stunning, and wonderfully lush website. I enjoy  being there for the well written and researched text and the accompanying artwork.   The site has a wealth of  links and citations.  Literature, Science, History, it is all here and time at La Audacia de Aquiles is an adventure, an inspiration, and an opportunity to grow intellectually. Thank you Aquileana. 

Lynze has lived one of those lives that shouts movie material. She relocated from the Northwest United States to Saudia Arabia,  living with and without electricity, in luxury and out of  luxury. She cooked her way through life there for sixteen years, raising nine children, sharing recipes and skills with people from India, Morocco, and the United Kingdom. She is back in the United States now and has created Lynz Real Cooking. Sharing memoir, photos, and of course recipes. I made the Kufka which would have been a familiar meatloaf except by adding cinnamon, cumin, and allspice in Lynz recommended amounts, it turned the taste to something new. Think it is hot where you live? Read Weather In Saudia Arabia  from someone who lived there.

One of the joys of blogging is the  opportunity to connect with people from around the globe and learn about their lives, lifestyles, culture, and perspective. Between Two Tides offers poems, pictures, and stories from L’Entre Deux Mers France, done with such grace and attention to wide angle time thinking. In Forests of France you learn about the history of forestry practices and the  regrowth of France’s forests, and for me it was the moment of considering that learning to value ecosystems has been and continues to be the global learning curve. Golden Leo Days, offers up stunning photos of summer colors of haying and sunflowers, accompanied by intimate prose expressing universal experiences. Just a lovely, interesting, must follow website.

What unfolds when a high school principal, an Irish Priest, A Southern Baptist Minister, and  An Aspiring Writer play a golf Tournament as a foursome? I have no interest or knowledge of golf and adored The Perfect Game. Or how would your adult daughter feel if you tape recorded your conversation with her as a lesson on listening? Break the Silence says a lot about all of our listening skills.

You might think An Aspiring Writer , after 27 years in law enforcement, might have a difficult time with retirement. Not true.  Claiming that his new lifestyle reminds him of when he was a child having gone outside to play, when not  kayaking, hiking, traveling, this  Aspiring Writer has surrendered to his creative voice. Embracing WordPress wholly, whether with Flash Fiction,  Short Stories, or Photography, his blog flows smooth, entertaining,  and interesting. His  responses to the WordPress Prompts which he is using as warm ups before work on his novel, reveals so much of the light heart and keen mind of a life being well lived and shared.

Like lots of bloggers, Mark enjoys traveling,  taking photos and writing flash fiction. His mission on Coloring Outside of The Lines is not to show us all the popular places we have on our Life Lists, but to take stunning photos of out of the way places, and details of life that we will pass over. Often accompanied with some of his quirky and thoroughly smart  Flash Fiction. Mark wants other bloggers to succeed; creating and participating in Challenges, or through the re-blogging of some excellent reads he found.  And don’t miss his Health Phase.  Pop on over right now and enjoy a cup of his newest healthy brew.

I encourage you to stop in and visit with these interesting folks, and if you like what you find, support them by choosing to follow them and return often.  And let them know JoHannaMassey.com sent you!

Peace and blessings to everyone.

Today’ s Music: Boz Scaggs “Lowdown Live 2004”



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