Exposed! A Visit To Sedona’s Exposures Gallery

Good Saturday Morning to Everyone!

These are some of my favorite pieces in the Sculpture Garden at the   Exposures Gallery in Sedona Arizona, USA.  Taken with my  Nikon CoolPix L830, they are the best photos I have been able to get from her yet. Of Course the quality of the sculpture pieces by these Sedona Arizona USA , artists helped tremendously!

I’ve included the names of the pieces and their artists. Enjoy!


Wishing you a peaceful weekend.


    1. The inside of the gallery is equally beautiful, but they do not allow photographs to be taken inside. A great place to go to give myself a lift in spirit and inspiration.


  1. Two eyes and Time is not sufficient to see this Post.
    I shall come again and again.
    Have a nice week end.
    Meanwhile please go through my two latest Posts in which I have written Poem like lines and self clicked Photos also.
    Tell me if there is a Poet and Photographer in Me.
    Lots of Love

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  2. Beautiful! My favourites are the Turtle Train and Sunriser, but I like them all. There is something about bronze sculptures – I think it is because they always look so tactile – that I love. x

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    1. I love the Turtle Train also. Sunriser is just absolutely mesmerizing in it’s ability to appear fluid. Difficult for me to actually capture into words.

      Glad you enjoyed. All my best to you.

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  3. The Sunriser by Bobbie Carlyle is my favorite, a full circle! Is there a story behind it?

    Rest of the pictures are also very beautiful. You are doing an amazing job with your camera. I love the last pics with azure sky.

    Best Wishes,


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    1. Can’t recall the pricing on ‘Patriarch,’ but I do recall ‘Hand Of The Man’ was a few dollars short of half a million US Dollars, plus shipping and handling!

      I would love to have the ‘Turtle Train.’

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    1. Aren’t they just amazing.
      Sunriser seems to be the big favorite.
      Thanks so much for stopping by. This is my first “Galley” of photos
      and I have been anxious to see the reactions of with those who view it.


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