Camera Lucida: Divergent

Each week Julia at My Red Page has a Photo Challenge called Camera Lucida. with a theme  She invited me to participate. Now I have never been one for group participation in activities, but the color RED has always been the color of the women in my family and I do believe in supporting those women and those brave souls who speak and create out loud to the world on  their very own websites, so I showed up …and Camera Lucida has turned out to be such an inspiration to me and I actually anticipate to see what Julia comes up with next as a topic.

I am  a regular contributor to Camera Lucida, so imagine my frustration when this week’s challenge had me completely stumped. I’d spent a big chunk of time creating my very first Gallery  of newest photos this week. But nothing that said Divergent to me. I went to Julia’s website this morning with the intention of commenting that I was not posting this week, but would visit all of the others who had contributed because their photos are always stellar. In milliseconds of seeing “The Pencil Is Red” , a different post Julia  had done about something unrelated except for the color red, flashed.    “Divergent”would in fact be:


The definition of divergent is things that move in different directions or that are far apart from each other.

Opposites, dissimilar, different, contradictory, revers

Ladies On Their Way To Work

IMG_0022_5_2I took this shot

On holiday

Of Roman ladies

On their way to the workweek.

What would happen

I fantasized

if I showed up

jolong canyonto work

in those beautiful red shoes?

Holiday over

I returned  home to get ready

For My Own Monday Morning.

Camera Lucida is something you might want to be able to say you knew about early. You can view all the contributions to Divergent here:

Today’s Music: Gypsy- Stevie Nicks


  1. I find Mr. Mark such a delight! Glad you and he know each other! I came across him when I did my post on Cottonwood’s Diner. He had a post on a diner and we have been friends ever since!

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  2. Thank you. You have been showing up here at my website since it began, and more important, you have just such a smart website of your own which I not only follow but enjoy and study for why it is so cool. So when you say “Nicely done” …well Thank you!

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  3. Just getting ready to tell you I was unable to post Divergent to inLinkz and was unable to. Second time. I’ll give the #cameraLucida a try. Such a constant ever learning curve for this old lady! No worries though. It is all good.

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  4. Your post is absolutely brilliant…I cannot tell you how amazing your interpretation on divergent is!
    Well done:)
    A quick tip …I’ve had some issues with inLinkz so for now just tag your post #cameralucida so other can find it in the Reader!
    Thank you for joining!

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