Camera Lucida: The Sign

“Raven was not thought of as a god. He was thought of as the transformer, the trickster. He was the being that changed things—sometimes quite by accident, sometimes on purpose.”
—Christian White, Haida artist

Julia at My Red Page has chosen The Sign for this weeks theme for          Camera Lucida, her ever growing in popularity and participation photo challenge.

This week’s theme: The Sign

  1. an object, quality, or event whose presence or occurrence indicates the probable presence or occurrence of something else.
  2. a gesture or action used to convey information or an instruction.
  3. a notice on public display that gives information or instructions in a written or symbolic form.

Your challenge this week is to take a photo of a sign that gets your focus, something out of the ordinary or just a snapshot of ‘the simple’ from a new perspective.

Here is my entry:

DSCN0419Arriving home

To Ravens.

On the roof


Not just the season

Was gonna change.



Don’t you think it is time you stopped on over to My Red Page and joined Camera Lucida.?

Peace and Blessings to all.

Today’s Music: Joni Mitchell “Black Crow”


    1. Yes, I’m Participating actively in Writing 101. Three assignments posted. In today’s I simply incorporated the assignment into a regular feature I participate in, Camera Lucida. Yesterday was Three Lists: 60 Million Refugees, and on Day One, Why I Write. Apologies for any confusion I may have caused. I tend to create outside of the lines.


  1. JoHanna, i found your post very visually striking. Loved the photograph, as well as the Joni Mitchell video, not to mention the visuals (and of course the content) of your poem. It’s always so exciting to see people push blog as a medium to give an experience that isn’t possibly anywhere else! Definitely a learning experience..

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  2. I can almost listen to those lines from Edgar Allan Poe´s brief story… “Never more”…
    Ravens are amazing!… Great symbolism as well… In Greek Mythology, they were even related to Apollo and Asclepius!… All my best wishes. Aquileana ❄️✨

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        1. I am figuring out that there is a song in my head for just about any occasion…and they are now on UTUBE! I can get lost back into my youth with those videos, recall adventures and events…time travel is so easy with a little music! Plus I think it is fun to surprise readers with something they might not consider or have ever heard.

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