The Soul of A Junkyard

“And I to my Motorcycle
Parked like the soul of the junkyard Restored
a bicyle fleshed With power
and tore off Up Highway 106 continually
Drunk on the wind in my mouth
Wringing the handlebar for speed
Wild to be wreckage forever”
James Dickey

This morning  we climb up the hill, through Jerome proper, and to                   The Gold King Mine. Some days nothing will do but                                                  A damned fine junk-yard:


To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.                           Thomas A. Edison

Today’s Music:  Junkyard Preachers- Highway 49

 November 6 Update: My friend Nancy just did an excellent piece on Jerome on her website called Two Trails One Road. Go read it! Visit her entire site!.



  1. Great pictures. We have been to Jerome as well. These pictures actually tell two stories: one:they make us realize how hard those that came before us had it and two: they open our eyes to how easy we have it today in comparison. I can go either way although when I see pictures such as these I immediately tend to think of how hard those times must have been.Thanks for sharing.

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    1. The derelict machinery strewn all about Gold King, remnants of the copper mining industry, really brings your point home. While so interesting to look at and especially to photograph, operating it would have been labor intensive and often very dangerous.

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  2. Oh boy… YOU captured Gold King Mine perfectly! And those black and whites! WHOA, Girl!
    I have a fabulous folder of my junkers! Wherever we are, and we see one… I take a picture of it. So… I just now printed out some of my junkers and I am making a gallery wall ( a real one) in my office. Oh the older the better… the rustier the better! And this is the perfect song for this post!!!

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