One Does Not Cross-Examine A Saint- Victor Hugo

“One does not cross-examine a saint.”
Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

Adjacent to the ViaPieta Corso Italia is the Roman Catholic Cathderal dedicated to Saint Filippo and Saint Giacomo. Said to have been built upon the ruins of an ancient temple dedicated to the father of all the Gods, Jupiter,  around the 11th century and was rebuilt in the 15th century in Roman style. This is a  must see for those visiting Sorrento.

“You go on ahead and go in,” my friend said. “I’m not religious.”

Don’t make that mistake.  I have watched, while finishing off a gelato before entering,  many people stand outside and admire the beautiful white stone exterior facade, try to decipher the tablets carved in stone, take a few selfies and walk on.

The public is welcome to step through the door. Where there is a tranquility and yet a majesty, art that will have you turning away from your guidebook and smartphones, and gazing in reverence no matter what God you may or may not recognize.  Looking up you will find a ceiling of painted cloth by  Francesco Francareccio. Throughout this beautiful space are paintings by Nicola Malinconia, Giacomo dei Po and others.

While the facade of the church is fairly new (1924), it is the interior peace and beauty that makes it one of my favorite stops when in Sorrento. With each visit, the Cathedral reveals a deeper level intricate details in the art.

I’ll share a few teasers until you walk through the door for yourself:


And if you do decide you are waiting outside, know your wait will be a minimum  of an hour or so. Time for gelato.

Have a most excellent weekend one and all!

Today’s Music: Natilie Dessay- Italian Opera Arias


    1. Such a respite from the harshness of poverty. Certainly a place to gather strength, find solace, peace, rest, and healing of the body, mind and spirit.
      Thank you for your thoughtful comment.


  1. I definitely would not be someone who passes up the chance to enter such a sanctuary. I find the greatest peace in all such edifices. Thank you for this most beautiful artful tour. 🙂 I’d get my gelato afterward. 😀

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  2. I loved the artwork you included, JoHanna. Churches, parishes and cathedrals are fascinating and beautiful in many ways. Sitting and allowing serenity and to “sense” angels, God or a “Presence” is fulfilling.

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