The Frog Ocean-My Determined Ghost (Part Two)

“The past is a very determined ghost, haunting every chance it gets.”
― Laura Miller, Butterfly Weeds

The Frog Ocean – My Determined Ghost  (Part One)

                     Autumn on The Frog Ocean Is my determined ghost.

My family trees
Have roots here.
Family Trees that are varied, colorful,
Often divergent.

     There are members of the clans Who by choice never leave,

Some go far away
Only to return,


Leave The Frog Ocean,
Remaining haunted
When Autumn returns.



Part of a marshy labyrinthine of
Not quite solid ground,
In the southern most parts                                         
Of the heart,
And New Jersey.





    1. Yes, it is very real. Located in Southern New Jersey USA.
      The other sites mentioned in the photos of Part 1 and 2 of The Frog Ocean; Mad Horse Creek, Black Bottom, Canton Green, are also very real as identified in the photos.
      I do not know how The Frog Ocean was named…but during the time I lived there, during the spring through summer the sound of the frogs singing at night was often overwhelming.

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  1. Wonderfully imaginative!!! I loved the spider one. This is my year of The Spider. I came to know, back in August, an Orb Weaver, who spun her web every night outside our garage. She was a pumpkin spider. And this morning, I was happy to note a new resident spider in my bathroom.

    Wishing you a very happy Samhain, tomorrow. 🙂

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  2. Such a creative and neat post, dear Johanna
    Wonderful images for Halloween as well.-
    Oh…. By the way… I have thought of you for the Blogger Interview Tag which details you can see in my last post… Feel free to check them if you have time and want…
    Love and best wishes. Aquileana 💫

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