Camera Lucida: Reflections

“There is, I believe, no person, however insignificant in the world, but, if an account of his life and adventures were committed to paper, would be entertaining in some degree: the follies of our own life, and those we are liable to be drawn into by others, will constantly afford matter for serious reflection.”
Henry Spencer Ashbee

Cohansey River Thaw- Photo: JoHanna Massey

If you are new to my website, Camera Lucida is a regular feature created by Julia at My Red Page where she inspires us to express our creativity through story and/or photo focused on a well chosen and often challenging theme. Camera Lucida is where the very hippest coolest of the bloggers are showing up to submit their work, enjoy,  and be inspired by their fellow Lucidites. I’ve been involved for several months now and it is not only great fun, but I have connected with so many talented people who support and encourage me to my best creativity.

This weeks theme: Reflections

It’s always interesting to look at reflections…are they really the same as the reality?

How many times did you look at your own reflection and wondered if that’s how the world sees you…?

This week’s theme is: Reflections…show us how we look at the world upside down…how we see ourselves from the other side…how water seems to be the borderline between reality and imagination…show us who looks back from the mirror…make this week your own and tell us a story that will make us reflect:)

This is the most perfect theme for me this week as I am sailing Sophia up the Cohansey River immersed in writing Connor’s Reach, and the images that are reflecting back at us from the breaking up of a very long novel writing freeze are exhilarating, and indeed hard work.

I’ll be over to visit with all the coolest of cool ones  soon to see what you have created for this week’s theme, and if you haven’t joined  Camera Lucida yet… we look forward to your arrival!


“Did you ever wonder if the person in the puddle is real,
And you’re just a reflection of him?”
― Bill Watterson

Today’s Music: In My Life- Beatles


  1. I suppose most of us write self disclosure pieces. Not because we intend to but because our subconscious sends impulses to the conscious self and ideas are born. The process is more complex than we think 😊

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  2. Oh thank you. I am always self conscious about doing the more personal self disclosure pieces, so the positive comments are really welcomed. A friend recently laughed at me expressing that every single post is self disclosure.
    Thank you for stopping by for a visit.

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  3. I have the same feeling about the future. It has arrived rather suddenly. I seemed to have spent an inordinate amount of time figuring out what I was going to do and what I was doing, and now that part of my life is pretty much done. I come from a family of considerable longevity, but even that means planning for the future means managing the present. Thoughtful post.


  4. That photo was taken many years ago with a small camera called a “Kodak Instamatic” that held these cartridges of film. A point and shoot affair that I had since childhood and I would stick in my pocket when mud, water, mayhem might ensue from a misstep.
    The river breaking free of it’s ice at sunset was just such a time.

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  5. Hi
    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. Am now following you too and looking forward to more of your lovely pictures. The idea for this post looks interesting, I might join in with that in the future.

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