Good Friends, Good Books, And A Sleepy Conscience

“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”
― Mark Twain

This week, the townhouse really began to feel like home, as Sweet Terry and I  finished painting, unpacked books, treasures, photos, entertained friends from near and far, and began a new area of study.

Gone is the  ‘pervasive pink’ paint that the townhouse came with. We wanted to create, using color, a sense of separate space to the kitchen/dining area from the living room. A wall of large windows floods the entire townhouse with natural light, allowing the kitchen to carry the color choice of “October Leaves” well. “Calm White’ for the living room area was actually a light yellow.

DSCN1218 (1)In perfect synchronicity, the bookshelves I ordered arrived the day after the painting was finished, a full two weeks earlier than their scheduled delivery date.

DSCN1221 (1)

And while my books are my dear companions and friends,  even  better we welcomed our friend of twenty plus years through the door. Tony and I were Wilderness Guides together, sharing many an adventure over the years.  Waxing poetic on history, geology, botany, and folklore while providing safe passage & hiking for visitors from around the world into areas they would not have ventured into on their own. We were quite the pair, a Sedona Local and a Jersey Gal. Tony taught me about always maintaining a centered calm and sense of humor,  while  navigating a 1971 FJ40 Toyota LandCruiser  in monsoons, flash floods, dust, mud, intense heat, bitter cold, and too many rock, climb and descent challenges to mention.  Tony knows about true  Native American history. The best Guide I ever knew or worked with, and long after I had moved on, we remained close friends.  He continued Guiding in Arizona having access to taking visitors to the Bottom of the Grand Canyon in addition to the Sedona Verde Valley area. Good food, good stories, and so much laughter when we get together.

Version 2



The week rounded itself out with the arrival of our former neighbors and friends from the small southern village in North Carolina where we moved from earlier this year to return   to the Verde Valley. What a treat it was  to catch up on all the southern local gossip and best of all to take them hiking. This was Rose and Lloyds first time hiking the Red Rocks of Sedona and it was  a joy to be the one to show them around. Here they are featured with Mermaid Rock in the background, and with Sweet Terry reminding them to drink plenty of water.



The recent current events continue to loom large in my mind/heart.  What I learned with my essay  Comfortably Numb: The New American Normal and Three Lists,  is that those kinds of essays create a mixed bag of responses.  The majority of everyone  who read or commented on those essays  was/is as concerned as I, with several putting the posts on their Facebook Pages, doing a re-blog, or  tweeting  them.  Others  respectfully disagreed, with interesting and valid viewpoints and facts. A few contacted me in attack mode.  I have so much to learn about Human Rights globally. Feel a very real responsibility to speak from the heart and in a positive solutions based factual voice.  Just began an exceptional class through a MOOC on  EDX called: Human Rights: The Right To Freedom of Expression. Offered by Amnesty International through EDX it will give me some knowledge and insight into the basic rights of humans to express themselves, teach me how to critically assess information related to the Freedom of Expression. It is important to me that my website succeed. I believe this class will support me in that goal.

Expressing my gratitude to all of you for your support, kindness, and friendship through our websites as we are about to embrace the holidays. Know I hold you in my heart.  Peace and blessings to one and all.

Today’s Music: Seals and Croft “We May Never Pass This Way Again”


38 thoughts on “Good Friends, Good Books, And A Sleepy Conscience

  1. I love books, books are my life, I have been forced to downsize 2x and books had to go. I cried. I just did it again for a 3rd time, now all I have is a small collection which breaks my heart. I pray one day to have my own condo or townhouse and fill it with a room of books: a table, a chair, a lamp and making it my personal space where my mind can be filled with knowledge. Blessings, J Paulson © 2016

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    1. I still have many boxes of books stored in the garage, waiting for me to sort through them. I am acknowledging that I must further reduce the books. I do it one book per day and figure that at some point I will have a very well chosen, if smaller
      Thank you for your contribution to this post.

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        1. I do not enjoy reading form a Kindle at all. I like having my mostly hard bound copy library all around me, and curled up in my favorite chair for the afternoon with something delicious off the shelf.

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    1. Thank you. Oh the collecting and reading of books is just the best. Years forward, you will pick up a book and recall where you obtained it, what was going on in your life, and sometimes give that book another read and discover your response to it is so different. And that is just the fiction.

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    1. Thank you so much. It has been such a busy year with the downsizing and the move across country, and locating a new place etc…and while I immediately felt at home being in the high desert again, it is only just now I am feeling ‘at home’ inside our townhouse. The painting and unpacking of some of my favorite things has been a very real welcoming.

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  2. The townhouse I used to have many years ago came with the colors you installed in yours. It was one of the reasons why I had bought the abode. I wish you and Terry many years of contentment and fun excitement in your new home.

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    1. Oh, I am just thrilled . Having filled the townhouse with stories, laughter, friends, books, and treasure…the dear townhouse is christened home. A long journey to return to the Verde Valley. So glad we did.

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  3. I could easily live in Sedona. Peggy and I were down there at this time last year, hiking the trails and enjoying the beauty. And I’m laughing about your bookshelves. Our house is packed with them. I’ve promised myself that from now on, new books coming in require selected old books to leave. Peggy and I have donated a couple of thousand over the past four years… and our book shelves are still full! 🙂 –Curt

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    1. Oh, if Sweet Terry and I have had a marital ‘issue’ and I say this laughing, because he enjoys reading them, using them for reference, and we are both bookworms. But he is practical. Believes in the beauty of the library system. I got rid of hundreds before the move back to the Verde Valley, and while everything else has a place right now, our garage is groaning with boxes of books. I know that there is no room for them in our lovely little townhouse. I know I am going to have to edit the library once again. Our daughter has already said “No more books!’ two years ago, and she is a bookworm. “Get a Kindle” everyone says. Thought has never entered my mind. Give my best to Peggy, and inquire if she would be interested in a few books on birding, or geology, or how about some Ernest Hemingway?


      1. Don’t think she needs any on birding or geology, JoHanna. (grin) Just like you I spent many years as a wilderness guide. So I have my books on birds, flowers, shrubs, mammals, animal tracks, geology, trees, etc. etc. etc. And I do have a Kindle… Now when I travel I don’t have to carry 20 pounds of books with me. 🙂 –Curt

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    1. Tell you what. When I figure out where to put some more shelves (this is a small townhouse) you can help me bring in and shelve all my book-friends still boxed and howling to get in from the garage.


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