In Your Eyes: Recognition

Accepting all I’ve done and said
I want to stand and stare again
‘Til there’s nothing left out,
In Your Eyes
Peter Gabriel “In Your Eyes”


Version 2
Photo: JoHanna Massey

Mexican Masks are a record of people, cultures, and religions. Masks are made to hide the real faces of the wearers. They are considered to be more profound than a simple disguise. The makers of masks believe that they relate directly to the soul. Through wearing the mask and dancing , the wearer is transformed, and becomes Some One Else.

In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Theme: Eye Spy

Synonyms:  for eye: feeling, mind, taste, view appreciation, belief, conviction, discernment, discrimination, perception, persuasion, recognition, scrutiny, sentiment, surveillance, viewpoint, eagle eye, point of view                            Antonyms: disbelief, indifference

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Photo: JoHanna Massey










Today Music:  A Beautiful Live Performance of “In Your Eyes”                                at Chobham’s Music UK:  by Peter Gabriel & Friends.

(I could not locate the identity  of the artist for the sculpture  & mask.  Both large, one a body mask of sorts. On display in Old Town Cottonwood in Arizona USA)


  1. Masks: great shots! Amazing song ❤
    But I must confess I do fear masks: it's irrational, I know!
    At his family home my husband had lots of masks, his mother collected them. Some were African funeral masks: the woman loved them, but I could see those who had worn them, dead men who told me strange stories. A nightmare for me!

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  2. okay – I love the masks – the art and the fun feel – but the peter gabriel song was the best treat! my hubs and I were just talking about this song the other day – a phil collins song was on (hold on my heart) and never liked it that much when it was out – but it was so quiet and so beautiful on our drive – and then we were talking about genesis and the band evolving and this song came up- my hubs loves it – and how perfect for the eye theme! have a nice day – xoxo

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    1. Oh, thank you. I just knew I had to use this piece of music in a post when I heard it. Like you, I wasn’t all that enamored of it years ago, but boy this version is just stellar.


  3. Have been in many seminars/on retreats where the focus was on masks, and making them. What came to mind for me immediately is a card from one of my Tarot decks, in which the character is wearing a mask, and dancing with fire. I’m also extremely fascinated by this: “Through wearing the mask and dancing , the wearer is transformed, and becomes Some One Else.”

    Great post, and a very good choice of song. 🙂

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  4. The mask is definitely Mexican. Probably Guerrero or Michoacán. The standing sculpture is west africa, possibly Ivory coast. Or maybe Gabon? I would say it is a modern rendition of a traditional figure. I’ve seen it somewhere, can’t just place it now. (I have a large collection of masks in my study…)
    Thanks for this rendition of in your eyes. Saw Peter Gabriel in concert here 20 years back when he still had hair. The magic of his music is still here. 🙂
    Be good

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