This Little Light of Mine

The beads on my forehead
Are symbols of my third eye-The Eye of Vision.
All of my schooling has been through music.
It was through folk music
That my spine was straightened.
I cut my hair
And let it go natural-nappy.
I let my personality out.
Thinking for yourself
Is something we must bring to education.
We women need to pass that on
To younger generations.- Odetta


 Best Self

Julia at My Red Page has Upped The Ante,  This weeks Camera Lucida Theme: Self Portrait.

I settled on a collage that speaks to how I view a  Best Self.

Don’t hide your light under a bushel. Get yourself on over to My Red Page and show us who you are.

Today’s Music: Guaranteed inspiration and feel good time when                Odetta sings “This Little Light of Mine”.


  1. Wonderful self portrait. The song is great! and I so very much adore the picture of the elder woman with the toad on her shoulder! Well done. I’d gotten an invite back sometime to this challenge, but things were not working well for me with time constraints. I hope one day to catch up on my challenges.

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  2. Thank you. Oh that heron used to arrive most days around four PM to the exact spot and stand very still to fish. While we were not friends, we did share quite amicably a stretch of riverbank on the Pamlico.

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