Few People Know What Fish Think

“The fish in the creek said nothing.
Fish never do.
Few people know what fish
Think about injustice,
Or anything else.”

― Ursula K. Le Guin, Catwings

One of many afternoons spent at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. We immerse ourselves in the mysteries of the ocean. A world-class marine educational attraction nestled on beautiful Yaquina Bay in Newport, the Oregon Coast Aquarium is surrounded by forest and estuary where many of the species exhibited within the Aquarium flourish in their native habitat. I especially love the ‘shark tunnel’ I call it, where you can walk through a clear tunnel with exhibited sharks and fish swimming all around. There are both inside and outside exhibits. A must see are the otter and sea lion exhibits, the octopus, and the wonderful groupers. It’s a peaceful place, and the exhibits are well maintained, volunteers are about to answer questions, and the exhibits change frequently enough to merit returning time and time again.

Peace and blessings.


    1. Oh it is an excellent place to spend some time. During the time we lived in Oregon, it was a favorite to spend an afternoon, and also to take friends and family to when they visited.
      Also the Hatfield Marine Center is close by there too. Another excellent choice.

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        1. For about three years, on the coast heading a riparian restoration project to improve the viability of salmon habitat. It was just the best of times, hard work, and I remain grateful for having had the opportunity.


    1. Oh, how am I not surprised we share a similar love for the Oregon Coast. I was blessed to spend three years living there, right on the ocean, doing environmental work I loved….planting trees…saving fishing grounds…and seeing areas of the Oregon Watersheds that were absolutely primordial and so wild.

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  1. I’m sorry but though I love this blog, I must respectfully say that I think we have to stop putting creatures into aquariums for our entertainment, especially the large mammals like whales who are no doubt more intelligent than humans. Those places make me deeply sad for the creatures who are caged their whole lives; aquariums and zoos teach people to be insensitive to the suffering of other beings, and they certainly teach children to have a big glaring blind spot about animal rights.

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  2. Great pics and info on the aquarium…I have visited many times with school groups! Now I head for Monterey Bay Aquarium with the grandkids..also a great place…glad it is close and fairly easy to get to! Glad you loved your time on the Oregon Coast…my dad lived at Waldport during his retirement and loved it..

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    1. Sweet Terry and this sea otter always had quite a time when we visited. Creatures are always drawn to him.
      Such a kind person, I believe he just emanates a sense of calm out onto the planet and they feel it.

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    1. I spent a chunk of time studying in an aquatic lab and it opened my eyes wide to the range of responses that the creatures had in response to various individual humans who were in the lab, and to one another. “What are you thinking?” I would ask.

      Good to have you visit.

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  3. Last night I was sitting her answering this, and as I was just starting to click post comment, the lights went out! Of course to day, I can’t recall what I said, but I’m sure it was that the place sounds so peaceful, and calming, and somewhere to go to commune with all the amazing sea creatures!

    Then I know I said that your choice of song was just the best! I LOVED seeing Ringo, so full of life, and exuding something magical in his performance.

    A truly wonderful post!

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    1. Nothing like a sudden plunge to darkness to encourage one to locate and light the candles!

      I am happily surprised at the response to this post. Sure it is the handsome smiling face of my featured star of the show.

      Creating this post has also encouraged me to unpack my home aquarium and make a list of what needs to be done over the New Year to have it adding to my determination to create a peaceful space out of the townhouse.

      I am finding that having a website, interacting with so many wonderful people like yourself really inspires me off the website in other areas of my life as well. I thank you for that.

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      1. Oh, how great it would be to have a home aquarium. I’ve so often sat and been mesmerized by them, when I’ve come across any. We have one of tropical fish when I was quite young. I think when the fish were gone, my parent made them into terrariums. I’ll love to read about your progress on how the addition goes!

        You’re so right about how all of those with whom I interact have made a most positive impact on my inner life, on my feeling part of something as well. I’m so very happy to be able to share your journeys and adventures, and to be able to share my own with you and all those who follow life in my Quantum Hermitage. 🙂

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  4. Thanks for info about the aquarium. Next time we’re in Oregon (which is at least once a year), maybe we’ll take a walk through the tunnel! Frankly, I think the fish are studying us. I would also say that taking our children to aquariums and zoos got them highly engaged in ecosystems and wildlife. In response to the sister way back there in the comments (can’t remember her name), yes, some zoos and aquariums are very poorly managed and should be shut down. Others, however, give children their first up-close positive and respectful encounter with other forms of life.

    Thanks, JoHanna for this lovely post and feast of photos!

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    1. Oh I am so happy that this post was helpful for you. This is a really excellent aquarium and so grounded in being an educational facility. I do not believe we can embrace, appreciate,and protect ecosystems that we do not know about and understand. The coastal Northwest is a gem of an area, and has some vibrant and thriving ecosystems as well as some issues. The Aquarium is a real asset in teaching a love and appreciation of the areas ecosystems and the creatures who inhabit them.

      You might also want to visit the Hatfield Science Center which is close by the Aquarium, and if you are driving up the coast abit there is a wonderful small Whale Museum in Depoe Bay which is stellar. No they do not have whales on display….but if you step outside to the seawall during the whale migrations the whales pass very very close by.

      All my best to you.

      Happy holidays.

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      1. Thanks for all these recommendations! I’m making a list (really) and will follow up. Our daughter and her husband live in Oregon–hence the annual pilgrimages back and forth from one coast to the other!

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  5. While on the topic of fish, I have fallen in love with a striped angel fish at the local feed and seed shop in Bellingham. I’m so close to naming the fish. The fish reminds me of those striped shirts from Brittany, France.

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  6. It is unfortunate that these creatures must live in captivity. It seems so wrong as this earth and everything on it vibrates equally and all born of the same creativity. Such a shame but nice photos.

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    1. It would indeed to be interesting to hear from many of our fellow creatures on this planet. One nice thing is that we humans sure can communicate easily. Thank you for your contribution to this conversation. All my best to you.

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