The Bright Daybreak of Peace

IMG_1245I refuse to accept the view
That mankind
Is so tragically bound

To the starless midnight
Of racism and war
That the bright daybreak
Of peace and brotherhood
Can never become a reality…
I believe that unarmed truth
And unconditional love
Will have the final word.

Martin Luther King


Whether you celebrate Advent, Christmas, Boxing Day, New Years, Emperors Day, Asarah B’Tevet, Mouloud, Feast of the Holy Family, Liberation Day, Independence Day, the Solstice or Saturnalia it is one very busy time of celebration globally.

As I write these words there are 7.3 billion people living on planet earth, and by the time I post this several more thousand will have arrived. There are so many glorious differences in our geographies, cultures, races, beliefs, histories, lifestyles, and experiences. There are those who use those differences to create fear, wreck havoc, harm, and do violence to themselves, others, their families, communities, countries, and planet.

In my heart I know the majority of us humans here on our shared planet have one important binding sameness. We want peace. That is billions of us who want the same thing. We want peace for ourselves, our families, our communities, our countries, and our planet. It is only in peace that we can fully prosper, thrive, and share our gifts.

I am making Peace my one conscience priority. My goal, resolution, lifestyle, and prayer. A serious effort to embrace and hold clear in my heart and mind what I want most is Peace. One loving thought, one kind word, one calm response, one attentive decision, and one generous act …one at a time. Not a show of weakness or surrender, but a demonstration of  real power and strength. On my best behavior folks.

A difficult task made easier with the knowledge that I am a member of a  planetary  majority of people, who though we look, speak, live, and experience our lives very differently, all desire one thing very much. Peace.

There is so much power, energy,  and potential for success in being a member of a majority of individuals that numbers in the billions worldwide.

 Happy and Peaceful  Holidays to each and every one of you.

Let’s celebrate!

Today’s Music:  “Joyful Noise” Full Scene 2012 – Man In The Mirror


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