David Bowie: Story of A Flaming Heart

Nothing splendid
Was ever created in cold blood.
Heat is required
To forge anything.
Every great accomplishment
Is the story of a flaming heart.

 Enjoyed David Bowie’s huge catalog of creativity. What a joy. May he rest in peace.
Today’s Music:  Heroes: David Bowie


26 thoughts on “David Bowie: Story of A Flaming Heart

  1. Hi there! I see no “reblog” button on your post so I’ll be using the Press This function to reblog this tomorrow because I liked your hommage to such a creative artist. I hope that you don’t mind! Cheers!

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      1. I have and all I can say is … WOW!
        So many thoughts come to mind when I see it. Is he in a race with time? Writing his will? Or writing what he forgot to say to others.
        He knows death is coming… (I think death is under the bed lurking etc.)
        Just a phenomenal song… and how it all coincided, almost, with his death.

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