Seed Catalog Arrival

Seed Catalog Arrival
Optimistic Talisman of Spring.
JoHanna Massey

Optimism-Photo: JoHannaMassey

This week I was asked: “Show us something you’re optimistic about, or perhaps a talisman that helps you stay positive and hopeful, regardless of what life (and the weather!) throws your way.

It gets no more Optimistic  than  the arrival of the Seed Catalogs. The colorful pages promise  many a wintry afternoon of memories, plans, and optimistic daydreaming of the next bountiful  garden.

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Have an excellent peaceful weekend 🍅

Today’s Music: The Best of Wagner


Additional Seeds Catalogs:

Urban Farming

Strictly Medicinal Seeds



  1. Oh the catalogs continue and each promises more. Meanwhile I am gearing up to figure out how to do a few early peas in these harsh conditions.

    My father was grounded in the seasonal cycles. Early peas must be in the ground by Saint Patrick’s Day.
    While my desert environment is not conducive to a rich loam full blown pea-patch of a dozen rows…I do want to get some peas in soil on time to honor and be part of the seasonal balance. I am just so surprised at the ever increasing number of varieties to choose from in the various catalogs. Currently with Territorial Seed Company’s ‘Sweet Horizon’ for the edible pods, and ‘ Golden Sweet’ which promises yellow sweet edible pods.

    The dish you inquired about is tomatoes with Goat cheese and greens.

    All my best to you.


  2. Lovely music to listen to as i write to you, after reading the other’s comments 🙂 Are those wild ramsons in the upper right picture? I picked the first of the year today and will admit, they repeated on me all afternoon but I didn’t mind a bit! I too don’t receive many seed catalogues, not like I did back in Maine, but then most of my seed orders here are done on the computer.

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  3. I always look forward to the time of year – just before spring – when I can start looking towards what seeds to plant this year. I usually get a few seed catalogues in the post to browse through, but then go and buy the seeds at the local garden centre. It’s often less expensive 🙂

    Love the colourful images Johanna – puts me in the mood for gardening even when it’s too cold here for me to venture out just yet. xx

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  4. Yes, I admit to being responsible for using huge amounts of paper during my lifetime and I do not believe it is going to change in the remaining years. I do recycle, and have planted many many tress during this lifetime. I believe it is all a balance. I do love my seed catalogs.
    Thank you for your comment.

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  5. Each year I tell myself no need for another paper catalogue, save the money and buy seeds. I might as well talk to the birds. My online savvy son always asks to borrow my catalogue. Paper is here for a while stay in this garden

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  6. I love holding in my hands the paper catalogs. Feel the same way about books, newspapers, magazines. I reconcile my love of paper and the loss of trees by embracing planting trees wherever I live.
    Oh the bulb catalogs are especially wonderful.
    Thank you for contributing to the conversation here. Always appreciated.


  7. I’m a newbie at growing herbs. When I was in New Zealand/Australia, I got hooked on rosemary. This past summer I bought/planted two rosemary plants in my garden, which did okay. Then I decided to see if I could winter them over inside. The first succumbed so I dug up the second and…well…I’m not sure it will make it either. Do you have any suggestions? See catalogs…Spring has sprung into my mind! Thanks!!


  8. I couldn’t agree more! The arrival of seed catalogues (and the glossy promise of bulb catalogues too) is always a thrill. Shamefully, I miss them when they move to online listings only – I know I should be pleased for the environment at this paperless development, but there’s something visceral and pleasing about delving into the promise of a paper catalogue…

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  9. I’ve heard of farmers playing classical music to their cows to improve the milk. I wonder what vegies would respond to Wagner? Turnips or parsnips perhaps, the burlier ones. Not tomatoes or asparagus.

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  10. If looking for cacti… In Prescott at their weekend flea market we found a lot if beautiful cacti and agave. They have been in over a year now and are doing well. GREAT DEAL on the plants.

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  11. I am leaning towards container herbs, a few tomatoes, and focusing on the back yard which is currently a blank slate, stoned, walled in…typical southwestern development offering….it is all about zeroscaping this space and making it a private desert wonderland off the back patio.
    Oh and I have a half dozen lemon tree seedlings in the kitchen window sill.

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  12. Many people recognize parts of this piece from it’s use in the movie Apocalypse Now. An absolute odd choice of music for me to pair with a post on Optimism for sure, but I had been listening to Wagner throughout the day so I included it. Good catch! 🙂


  13. Always lovely positive posts that I genuinely enjoy reading. Lovely photos – I am looking out of my door here in sunny Australia and have some herbs growing which look nice too (but not as nice as yours I must say)

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  14. Ah the days we lived in the Heartland….Iowa….and had huge lovely gardens. I loved the arrival of seed catalogues and they were dog eared and underlined and highlighted within a few days 🙂 The optimism of the life to come beneath the behemoth snows! 🙂

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  15. This will be my first thought out ahead of time gardening since returning to desert last spring. I’m really leaning towards containers in order to minimize water usage and labor.


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