She Was Dangerous

“She was dangerous
I’d heard the rumors,
That she had a history
As a wild woman,
That she’d been married to a gambler
Maybe even been one herself,
That her past was scandalous at best
But who was I to judge?”
― Margaret Madigan, Gambling on the Outlaw

Happy Valentines Day to everyone. Gambling on love definitely worth the risk.

There’s more of Vegas in Photos: Las Vegas Nevada USA


    1. Las Vegas is beautiful, gaudy, cheap, imaginative, tacky, irreverent, holy,disorientating, luxurious, gorgeous and loud. Camera candy to the extreme.
      Thank you for your kind words.
      Happy Valentines Day to you. ❤️

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  1. Gambling on the outlaw… Sounds like Las Vegas to me JoHanna. Lots of outlaws there. Do you remember when slot machines were called one armed bandits? Never stopped me from dropping a quarter. Love is a much bigger gamble. Fortunately, I’ve been lucky. –Curt

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  2. We drove West to California to visit my father’s brother and on the way stopped in Las Vegas. I was a teen but allowed to play the slot machines. All I remember of Las Vegas was green tinged bologna in the supermarket where we went to get sandwich makings. My parents did not gamble or do the night life with four young daughters in tow, I do not remember much beyond the green of the lunch meat. I still see it today when I close my eyes. You captured the tacky of what I recall of Las Vegas.

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    1. I once escorted a family with four children and a teenage babysitter, on a hike in Sedona. They were on their annual trek to Vegas. The children were so excited about getting to Vegas and when I inquired about this they excitedly explained that at night their parents would go down to the casino and leave them with the sitter in the hotel room. They would lay on the floor and they could ‘feel’ the vibrations of the music and gambling rooms below coming up through the floor. The sitter confirmed that the kids loved this, building forts and beds on the floor to fall asleep to the gravitational beat of the party below.
      When I read of your memories of green bologna I thought of those restless hiking children wanting to get out of the red rock forest and on to Las Vegas.

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      1. Thank you for the link! I remember knowing about her marriage to Sam Starr. I had not known about all the other unions. She was a very interesting woman, especially now knowing her early ‘entitlement’ in the ‘Society’ pages.


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  3. Oh my goodness! I liked the photos and is that you being a “vamp?” If so, JoHanna, you are quite the character! 🙂
    One of my favorite singers is Kenny Rogers. I could get weepy since when I was married I dreamt of our having the song, “Through the Years” play st our golden anniversary. We are still friends and he and his wife have made it to 25, I think. Happy belated Valentine’s day- month! 🙂 ♡

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    1. Las Vegas is surely the place to let the “Vamp” out to play.
      I’ve always associated “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers with relationships more than cards playing.
      Thank you for stopping by and contributing to the conversation here. Hope your day is excellent.


  4. I missed your Valentine’s Post of art imitating life! Great shots of the Vegas Life. And once again the perfect song is chosen. Have you ever been stumped as to what song to match your post?

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    1. So much fun to choose the ‘perfect’ song. I’ve just loved music my entire life and imagine that if my head should ever explode, it will be because I have put too many songs into it.
      Oh, and married a music man!

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