The Mind Is Everything

“The Mind is everything.
What you think you become.”

Sedona begins to empty out as the Sedona Film Festival winds it’s way to The End. A good day to share the  quiet of Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park.

The park is situated on fourteen feel good acres at the base of  Capital Butte/Thunder Mountain.   Visitors from a global community are walking the Medicine Wheel, sitting quietly, walking clockwise round the base of the Stupa, meditating, bringing,leaving,  and taking their own considerations.

We pause here in the calm midst a day full of errands. We listen for awhile to the snap of the hundreds of prayer flags as the Breathing Wind of Thunder Mountain carries off each individual prayer. To listen to Raven, hummingbird, scrub jays.

The Stupa, a thirty six foot statuary honoring  Buddha Amitabha, the Buddha of Limitless Light, is prominent in the Park, in what is believed to be ‘a vortex of enlighten presence and a beacon of blessings for all beings.’  The Stupa is filled with millions of prayers for peace, sacred relics and offerings.

You can read about another peaceful  space in Sedona Arizona  here:

The Soft Animal of Your Body

Thank you for stopping by. All my best to you.


    1. I am just so happy with the way these photos turned out. I am making an effort to take my camera along with me and learn all the possibilities with it. i am so happy with the way these turned out and that I could share them with everyone.

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  1. Johanna, Thank you for this post. I visited Sedona last fall and I am starting to lose the peace the beauty of the red rocks filled me with. Your post has helped fill up that empty space.

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  2. Oh JoHanna! what a serene visit to Sedona (I’ve not yet been there). You bring it to life, and it was such a pleasure to free float through your words, and photos! And thank you for Pink Floyd’s Breathe. (the link said it was unavailable, but I clicked on the YT op on the vid, and found Comfortably Numb, but then looked for Breathe, and am drifting sweetly through the gentle weeping of the guitar.

    Hugs and Blessings!

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    1. I’m really just beginning to get comfortable with this camera. To take it along with me. The Peace Park is a go to place to sit and Breathe for awhile in the midst of a errand filled rush about day.

      Thank you for the heads up on the music. I replaced it with another version, which also has some fairly head exploding aerial photography of it’s own. Hope this link remains remains available.

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      1. I definitely understand about still having to get use to taking my camera with me. Though, when I know I’m going out during the warmer times, I think to take it.

        I do hope I make it to see the Peace Park one day. It sounds so much like the kind of place that would be a prerequisite for any day, especially one where there are other things to do.

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        1. Yes. I used to have a Nikon film camera. We traveled every day quite well together. This new camera,
          a CoolPix L 830 and I just haven’t settled in as companions. It feels light and fragile riding slung from my shoulder to my side, A weird sort of new relationship dance going on between us.
          All my best to you Fimnora.

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  3. Spectacular gallery. The photo of the banners is just beautiful and would actually work as a banner.

    Sedona is just such a beautiful place and not easily forgotten. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Thank you for Sedona, the Amitabha Stupa, the breathtaking photos, and Breathe. My day is full because of you, and now I must return to Sedona.


  5. those coloured rocks in Sedona! i remember them well from a trip long before i had a digital camera – sometime in the last millenium 🙂 a beautiful place.
    thank you for taking me down memory lane.

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  6. If only the world could embrace the elements displayed in joint philosophies and faiths to create a world wide Prayer Wheel where we could all walk together, rather in opposite directions. This post was very moving and displayed such peaceful photos. Hope we can make a difference. . . hugs, Robin

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