An Act of Survival

“I have come to believe
That caring for myself
Is not self-indulgent
Caring for myself
Is an act of survival.” Audre Lorde

"Window To The Past" Roxanne Swentzell Santa Clara-Tewa, Heard Museum -Bronze 1999- Photo: JoHanna Massey May 2016

Cognitive Restructuring, Surrender, Retreat, Rest and Relaxation. Time Out, Closed, Psychic Battery Recharge, Treatment, Havana Health Spa, Stay-cation, meditation, or chakra realignment…Time to get quiet is upon me for quite a few days running. Spring cleaning, and  maintenance  completed. A family birthday celebrated,


   Stack of books bedside


Hikes, naps, and large quantities of hot spearmint scented bath water.

Temporary severing contact with Chris Matthews, Dianne Rehm, Gwen and Judy. Thinking I may avoid them until after the November Election Cycle.  Binge watching The Last Detective in that hour gaps, Dangerous Davies and Mod Lewis my news hours best friends. Sunday New York Times lingered over for several days.


Peace to each and every one.

PLaying with the Pic Monkey at Sunset



  1. Just the words and ideas I was needing to hear, Johanna. Time to regroup and refresh, for sure! So glad you have taken the time to practice your healing, restructuring process; mine will begin now, with a thank you for supporting your readers in taking time for this!

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  2. There is a steady stream of hummers showing up throughout the day now, some actually being regulars. Photographing them is quite the challenge for me. So enjoyable.
    Thank you for stopping by dear SueT.


  3. Oh, you are so right. I am humbled my the talent of Roxanne Swentzell . Such an expressive piece!

    I’m definitely in the midst of a redo and permission to relax and let life flow on a previously unknown level of laid back seems to be the developing theme. Feels good.

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  4. After working full time for 37 years as a nurse, my back demanded that I retire. I am doing exactly what I love to do: visiting with family and friends, studying things I want to learn, enjoying my life!! My kids are grown, my husband passed away almost 7 years ago. I am loving my life

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  5. I am finding that having the camera at hand really has me slowing down and seeing the details and symmetry of my day. Taking that time to pause, take a good look and focus.
    Thank you for stopping by.


  6. With the pace & loudness of our planet right now, and the stress and struggles of so many I believe that ‘getting quiet’ is absolutely vital and will not be something we find ourselves in naturally during the midst of our days. It will have to be consciously chosen and put into practice. Enjoy your quiet time, Sharron. All my best to you. 🚀

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  7. Thank you for your lovely words.

    I love this time of year as the light begins early, around 4:30 Am, and the sunsets are just spectacular.

    The Pic Monkey is quite a toy and while I prefer to post ‘real’ photographs, I have just been having so much fun playing with the various magic toolbars of the Monkey, I had to share some.

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  8. It’s good to take a step back from the craziness of the world once in a while and “reset” ourselves. That has always been my experience, anyway. Your ongoing project made me think guiltily of my own rather disastrously disorganized collection of photographs. I’ll have to get onto that at some point. Not today, though… 🙂

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  9. It was my experience that during the periods of my life when I was engaged raising children, in career, care-giving..those middle adult busy years…there was always something/someone that needed my attention and care, and the absolute necessity of self care rarely entered my thoughts. Good to hear from you dear Lynz.

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  10. Potpourri is such an interesting choice of words to use. I found out that potpourri does more than smell good. Here are some of my Thesarus finds for potpourri:

    ” noun
    the book is a potpourri of curious animal stories: mixture, assortment, collection, selection, assemblage, medley, miscellany, mix, mélange, variety, mixed bag, patchwork, bricolage; ragbag, mishmash, salmagundi, jumble, farrago, hodgepodge, gallimaufry.”

    I especially like ‘salmgundi,’ ‘farrago,’ and ‘gallimaufry’

    All my best to you Curt, and it is always a pleasure when you pause for a visit.


  11. Hello dear Curtis. I do not know the make/model/year of the car in this photo. My first car connection was with a 48 Plymouth of my Fathers that I just adored riding in, and a radio with beautiful deep base tones. My Mom is posing on that car in my Mothers Day post. Do I see a pattern emerging here? Thank you for stopping by.

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  12. I can only do this in ‘fits and spurts’, as I am easily distracted by the desire to be out and about and take more photos.

    Engaging in and Advocating for taking time out to regroup and recharge has become very important to me.

    Thank you for contributing to the conversation. 📮

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  13. Thank you Bernadette. I just returned from a visit to your most excellent website and I adore your May Series on ‘Blazing A Trail’ featuring creative older citizens.


  14. Me Time! We all need it. I was absent after my first post but am back at it again. I too needed Me Time …as getting back into the swing of things after being in Europe for a month took some time! Hugs to you! And hoping your batteries are recharged! I think mine are!

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