The Primitive Records

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Stardate 2371.4:  Museum of Exploration: Laniakea Glactic Supercluster Exhibit. 

” The primitive records, images, and carbon based artifacts in this exhibit  (21st Century Earth) were thought to be the property of an individual of the species who called themselves  ‘homo sapiens’, from a planet they named Earth.  Acquired during 3rd exploration of the Laniakea Glactic Supercluster. “

In response to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

Today’s Music: David Bowie of course!  Life On Mars



  1. Totally Terrific!!! And David Bowie is stellar here (or anywhere)!!!
    Making my day a whole lot better, JoHanna!
    LOVE the pics of the books and the rocks and such… looks like my library. 🙂


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