“When is Enough, Enough?” President Barrack OBama

“Being the best people
We are capable of being
Brings wholeness
To a broken world.”
Judith Orloff

 President of the United States  Barrack Obama has asked;

“When is Enough Enough?”

Our President has posed this question before when speaking to the public in the aftermath of tragedy. Following the Aurora Colorado murders at the theater, after the murders at the Planned Parenthood Clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and the December 2012  Sandy Hook Connecticut murder of twenty, five and six year old children,  and  six adult school employees. He spoke similarly with the statement following the Oregon murders at  Umpqua Community college; “Our thoughts and prayers are not enough.” He is certainly right about that. But I will pray anyway.

I had originally taken the  photos below to respond to WordPress Weekly Photo: Pure, but felt with  so much sorrow about the news of yet more deaths and injuries following a mass shooting, I could not do so.  How can I possibly show these  pure slivers of peace I captured with the camera on a morning walk when there was yet another dreadful  shooting?  This time in Orlando Florida, United States of America. Killing young people out dancing on a Saturday night. Exactly what  young people should be doing on a Saturday night.  Families, friends, community, and all those individuals in caring supportive roles during this time are having the worst and most challenging kind of days in their lives.

When is Enough, Enough?’ And what does “Enough”  actually look like?

Judith Orloff says it well with her words suggesting we should be the very best we are capable of being if we are to bring wholeness to the broken parts of our world.

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In response to WordPress Weekly Photo: Pure


  1. Thank you for your kind words.
    I could not believe that after Sandy Hook the Gun Lobbyists would be able to not only hold their power within our government, but become even more powerful. It seemed unconscionable. I was so wrong.


  2. Your photographs are so beautiful and drew me in. It seems there is shock and then numbness to the steady toll of hate killings with weapons so easily acquired. I follow the Sandy Hook campaign and cannot believe so little has happened to prevent mass killings. Dare I say if the killer of Jo Cox, the Yorkshire MP had had access to an assault rifle….. There is too much divisive thinking and this seems to engender hatred and instability inside some unstable people. Your photos of nature are a reminder of a beauty we need to uphold. Thank you for that.

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  3. I have no answers, but I do know that there just is this pervasive fear that can be heard in the tenor and content of the voices of so many. Even when it sounds and looks like anger, political rhetoric, rage, greed, lack, whining, insecurity, or war…behind it I think is fear. So many lack for bare essentials while living within excesses of wealth, and the weapons wed to technology that are loose on the planet…it’s a very challenging time to stay calm, peaceful, and confident that good will prevail. I’m having to take huge media breaks to not let the fear get in and color my world with anxiety. Find calm in the details of a day. Thank you for stopping in for a visit. A peace filled day to you.


  4. Especially when there are so many very real global concerns that need solutions, and the cooperation and participation of many diverse people.
    Thank you for your thoughtful response. 🐞


  5. Just listening to a radio program talking about the way naked hatred has taken on so much power in our societies. Why? Has the world just got too populated and we’re like rats fighting it out?

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  6. JoHanna, your photos of birds and other creatures and flowers remind me of beauty surrounding us humans even, and especially, when hatred and violence stalk the world. I am sickened by Orlando and the murder in Yorkshire. And disheartened that there seems little relief to answer when “enough is enough”. Thanks for your post.

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  7. The way of the world ( lately) makes my heart hurt. What do we do? We try our very best to swing the boat around. We make a fierce and proud pledge to be kind and generous, to look for every opportunity to hold someone’s hand, to say kind words,to have gratitude, to share, to love outside every boundary that has been imposed upon us….The only way I know to respond to these acts of violence is to look for as many ways to love as often as I can. Peace and love to you, JoHanna !

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  8. Your photos of “pure” and even peace are wonderful. Such serenity! I too am plagued by this senseless death. If we could have a nation-wide vote on military weapons in civilian hands, people buying guns who are on some sort of watch list, mental patients, etc., etc., etc. I’ll bet it would pass. Yes, I know this would be violating our privacy laws, but killing children and other innocents is breaking laws too.

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  9. Thank you. “If we are to heal, our voices need to ring out, loud and clear.” You are so right. For me it is a sense of helplessness and a creeping fear because I do not see effective solutions based actions being taken.
    Thank you for your most excellent comments.

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  10. Yes, indeed, Jackie, we really seem to be a planet full up with anger and hatred with so many easy ways to impulsively express it through exploiting, harming, and murdering others. It grieves me as it does you to see this unfolding. I know that people are capable of such good, and surely it is time to embrace that. Thank you for stopping by dear Jackie. XOX

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  11. The whole week, my heart has been heavy. I don’t know anyone affected, but they are humans like me and it’s tiring to watch the World sicken and destroy itself with hatred. Enough is really enough. Somethings have to shift.

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  12. A lovely expression of a hurting national sentiment. So many bloggers have gone silent this week, not sure how or what to say. I understand. If we are to heal, our voices need to ring out, loud and clear.

    Thanks for sharing yours. ❤️

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  13. Oh, I can well imagine the grief. And I understand Jo Cox was the mother of two young children. What explanation can anyone possibly give them for this hateful act that took their mother from them that would make any sense? So much hatred loose in the world.
    All my best to you Anika. Thank you for your contribution to this posting.

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