With Less Weight In My Backpack

“Adieu to disappointment and spleen.
What are men to rocks and mountains?”
― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

A restlessness arrived around Lamas, and continued to build as the moon moved toward Full Harvest.  Maybe a  bit of remaining DNA  from a time when my ancestors followed migrating herds. Perhaps a glowing ember of desire to dance at Samhain burns.  Or this lifetime of memories and mementos  anchored to the seasonal tilt of the planet.

Indeed, the heat of a high desert summer is past,  with the Equinox just days away. It is time to be outside and exploring, far from the confines of air conditioning, national anxiety,  and politics.

How do I reconcile the reality of being in an old woman’s  crone body….with the delicious Moxie,  and sense of  anticipation, exploration, and excitement that Late Summer to Equinox offers?

With less weight in my backpack!

May you have an excellent week  filled with calm, confidence and kindness all round.

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  1. Right after I got married in Scottsdale my hubby and I toured around Arizona and Sedona was one of the towns where we stopped. We may have stayed there too – I will have to check my pictures as it was a long time ago. I remember it was known for its arts and crafts. Beautiful pictures you have taken.

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    1. The Red Rocks remain their stately beautiful selves, and I am always thrilled by the quality and quantity of art that continues to abound in the Verde Valley.

      Your comment reminds me how many many years ago as a child our family would travel to Philadelphia on Christmas holidays to visit relatives who would show us their vacation slides. I was just fascinated by their trip to Arizona and the red coloring of the rocks in a ‘village’ they passed through north of Phoenix. I had never seen anything quite so beautiful and the geology did not seem real to me as a child brought up in the low lying marshland of the US east coast. . And I certainly did not consider I would ever visit, let alone live in the Southwest. Except for the stately Red Rocks, I am sure my Aunt and Uncle would not recognize Sedona today, as it is bursting at the seams with hotels and activities for the millions of annual visitors.

      All my best to you and thank you for stopping by. 🍁


      1. You also brought back more memories of the two lane roads with beautiful trees and looking down and watching a brook meander down the countryside. Oh yes – the red rocks – Sedona is truly a beautiful area. I live in Michigan so quite different …

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    1. The weather is so perfect in the Verde Valley currently that it is impossible to stay inside. Good to be alive time of the year! Thank you for the visit., and you compliments. 🍁



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