Stretching Cycles of Years

There was a child
Went forth every day,
And the first object he look’d upon
That object he became,
And that object became part of him
For the day
Or a certain part
Of the day,
Or for many years Or
Stretching Cycles of years.
From: There Was A Child Went Forth. by Walt Whitman

Yesterday was just the best of days: Driving 89N up from the floor of Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona at about 4,500 feet, each climb in elevation  becoming more colorful with oak, sumac, poplar, apple, and cottonwood just to name a few of the trees and undergrowth showing their best colors. Up two thousand feet to the Oak Creek Vista, where tourists were busy buying jewelry, dream catchers, pottery, tomahawks, and newly minted arrowheads from the  Native American vendors. Onward to Flagstaff, the Pondersoa Pines  distressed as the management of the forest creates a day of controlled burns and wide cut backs of mature trees from along the roadway. Through the city we continue to 6, 910. feet in elevation, the air clearing to crispness as we head towards the Snowbowl (11,000 ft elevation) to visit with the Aspens, who were thrilled to see us, shaking about making music, brightly costumed in yellows, and just weeks away from those first days of snow.

I am best myself when I am among trees . Since childhood they have been vital for me, invigorating and sustaining, strengthening, and calming. There is a peace that comes from hanging around with trees.

The Aspens are known for their ability to regenerate growing shoots and suckers from the lateral roots. The trees are identical clones to the original, and ‘members’ of a particular clone can spread over a hundred acres,   Members of a specific clone are distinguished from different clones by a variety of traits such as leaf shape and size, bark character, branching habit, resistance to disease and air pollution, sex, time of flushing, and autumn leaf color. Sounds similar to how some neighborhoods, organizations, clans, nations, and families are organized.

There’s is both a slideshow of photos, and for those who desire a vicarious roll about in autumn leaves, I’ve raked a virtual carousel together of all the days photos for you to enjoy.


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Peace and Blessings to each and every one. Thank you for stopping by.



  1. Oh! How lovely, as is your accompanying prose. Your poetic words about the tress would make great captions if you turn this into a photo essay book, even a calendar. Spectacular!! Tull was the very first rock concert I attended eons ago on Long Island. Brought back memories of being 20!

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    1. You are most welcome.
      I just can’t get enough of the brilliant leaf colors this year. It had been years since last visit to the Snowbowl, and it was just a perfect day. Walt has always been able to produce just the right quote, no matter the occasion. Thank you for your comments. Always appreciated.


    1. Thank you Joey! Yes, right before winter there is this quiet pause in nature, while meanwhile we are dashing about with holidays here. Not to be confused with the sense of anticipation just before spring.

      I’m making a very real effort to tune more into the natural cycles and rhythms, and the resulting calm and heart felt peace is …well it has me up for the dawn and out in the night embracing stars.

      Thank you for stopping by Joey. 🍁

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  2. How about this: I wear a ring I bought from the Native Indians at the top of Oak Creek Canyon several years ago when my wife toured Sedona, Flagstaff and Route 66. Also, thanks for the Whitman reference. I’m working on a project based on the poet, was planning to use “Poets to Come,” but may just use “There Was a Child…” Incidentally, the Walt Whitman Bridge is in Philly.

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    1. Oh Jim! I wear a bracelet …one of two ‘power bracelets’ …that I got from the Native Indians at the top of Oak Creek Canyon about thirty years ago. And being 100% Jersey, no matter where I live, I am familiar with the Walt Whitman Bridge!

      Walt Whitman has been my inspiration and muse for many years. I often wonder “What would Walt think, do, feel, say about our modern world with it’s internet, raucous politics, and journey to Mars. ?” I read something from Leaves of Grass every morning. What an enjoyable time you must be having writing of him. Thanks for the visit and best wishes to you. And your Whitman Project. 🍁


    1. I’m enjoying this autumn so very much. The hours of available light are definitely beginning to shorten, and it creates a quickening of sorts to get out early and enjoy every available bit of outside. My best to you and your family. Thank you for your kind words. 🍁


  3. Johanna, the photos are a glorious celebration of autumn and I loved learning about the trees. Imagine they have their own clans – this has really fired up my imagination! Such a stunning area to hike and like you I feel best amongst trees, or along the coast. My body and soul seem to crave the outdoors! My husband is a jethro Tull fan and I know the song well from him – we saw them perform in Cambridge once – like no concert I’ve been to before.

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    1. One Best Case Scenario would be a tall stand of trees along the Pacific Northwest United States Coast!
      It was interesting for me to sit among the Aspens and try to apply what I had read about them. It was easiest, most obvious to associate ‘clan’ by time of falling leaves. There is a great Ted Talk called “How Trees Talk To One Another:
      Thank you for stopping by Annika. 🍁

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    1. Hello Mithai. Thank you for your visit and praise. Been over visiting with you and I really enjoyed catching up with your busy life. Your piece on Giants was so fascinating and well researched. Details of the origins of the possibility of big guys and gals stays with me through this day for consideration.
      Thank you Mithai.

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    1. Thank you. I had so much fun the day I took those photos, had so much fun creating the photo essay, and felt so good about hitting the Publish button to share something positive.


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