To Be Able To Answer Promptly

“I was gratified
To be able to answer promptly,
And I did.
I said I didn’t know.”
Mark Twain

Oh the joy  of perusing the seed catalogs,  windowsills full of just emerging seed experiments, and the promise of the Spring Equinox for the Northern Hemisphere, just a few weeks away, while those in the Southern await their Autumn. And while I have a firm grasp on the shape and tilt  of the earth, I  inhabit a place of realization that there is so much I do not know about so many things.

It’s a good space to be in. ‘To be able to answer promptly’  as Mr Twain said in the above quote is to be clear to myself about how much knowledge, information, and experience I bring to answering a question or in the midst of any given days activities. I can avoid many a miss-steps, mischief, and misunderstanding with knowing and accepting what I do not know.

My knowledge of how my own US Government works/functions within the   the United States and Globally is fairly shoddy. That lack has been a very real liability smack down lately. Whether in conversation, activism, or clear contemplation of the events, I often find myself clueless. These are Full Tilt Boogie times in the United States and Globally right now and I want to have those conversations, be part of the increasing civil activism, and think deeply and long with factual information on what is unfolding and the impact it will have.

Come April 24, 2017 I am going to get some basic facts about how my Government is suppose to function.  Harvard X is offering a class on American Government through Ed X, one of platforms for MOOC (Massive Online Open Classrooms).  Taught by Professor Thomas E. Patterson of Harvard University ,who I am confident knows more than I do, and generously offers to share what he knows free of charge through this just miracle of technology.

Meanwhile, Taking a class through Coursera called Understanding Plants: What A Plant Knows. Offered by the University of Tel Aviv and taught by Professor Daniel Chamovitz, Ph.D., Dean, George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences. Filling the windowsills as I dabble with experiments.  A perfect class for the spring.

Can’t say enough good things about (Massive Online Open Classrooms.) They really have been a joy for me, enabling me to have access to areas of study, offered  by excellent schools around the world, by smart Professors, and shared with a global classroom, where the perspectives and ideas are as varied as the demographics, cultures, and current events taking place in individual student lives. It’s a real hoot, and I am so grateful. It really did change how I do old.

Today’s Music: Leeshore -Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

Peace and blessings to you this fine day.


  1. Oh thank you so very much. I have been a big MOOC enthusiast since they started, taking classes for fun, for serious, for the love of literature, and in the case of the US Government Class coming up, out of a big realization need for knowledge.

    Your words are so kind and I am just thrilled to hear you are looking around the links to the MOOCS. Thank you for your visit and best wishes with your chosen area of study.

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  2. The blog before this wrote of taking courses in the near future also. Thank you for the links. They’re already opened in new tabs and I’m going to have a look. I’ve too been feeling like broadening my knowledge in some areas. Best to you and enjoy your courses my darling. I really appreciate the encouragement I feel from this post!

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  3. I love your eclectic mix of classes and reckon you’ll need the peace of the plants after the government one! These open classes must be brilliant and they are only just starting to come to the UK, I must check some out. Have fun, Johanna – I reckon the real joy of learning starts once out of school and continues lifelong!😀♥️

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  4. You are so right on that, Ken. With all of the hullabaloo and bamboozle going on it’s easy to find ourselves in a factual free fall at times.

    My favorite philosopher Rumi suggests:

    “Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates:

    At the first gate, ask yourself “Is is true?”

    At the second gate ask, “Is it necessary?”

    At the third gate ask, “Is it kind?”

    ~ Rumi

    This is a big challenge for me daily; some days better than others.

    Thanks for the stop by for a visit, and your thoughtful contributing to this conversation.

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  5. Thank you for your very generous words.

    I’m like a myself in a candy shop when it comes to the Massive Online Open Classrooms. There is virtually a class of study in just about every area of interest a world full of varied people could have. One of the best bits of computer/technology use magic ever created in my mind.

    All my best to you.


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