Flowering Desert


  1. hello johanna massey its dennis the vizsla dog hay those luk kind of like sum of the sorts of things we saw in the dezzert wen we ran away frum the grayt bloo heron!!! i hope yoo didnt hav enny run ins with t rexes or jiant dragons like we did!!! ok bye

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    1. Dennis, your bravery and acute display of sound judgement during your experiences with the T Rex, and the Great Blue Heron, are still spoke of in hushed whispers to the children by the ancient desert dwellers. Thank you for your contributing to the conversation Dennis.


    1. Thank you Lynn. I am enjoying this spring so much this year. A very real anecdote to the larger picture turmoil in the world currently. Also having spring unfold is reassuring and familiar.


    1. It isn’t often I catch the primroses while they are so white and clean. Arizona quite dusty and often they are covered with a fine reddish film. Always great to hear from you. Thank you for stopping by.


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